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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

Spider-Man: No Way Home' trailer

Peter screws up again. Doc Ock! Pumpkin bombs!

Best Line:

“The multiverse is a concept about which we know frighteningly little.”

'Candyman' (2021) tv spot


'Scenes From A Marriage (2021) trailer

A whiny woman whines.

Best Line:

“Everything that you've despised me for.”

'Maid' trailer


'Gossip Girl' promo

They've rebooted this trash.

'Wolfe' promo


'The Secret Diary Of An Exchange Student' promo


'Clickbait' promo

Victim or suspect?

Sour apple & cherry squashies – yum.

Sea salt dark chocolate – nice.

Greek style lemon yogurt – bland.

My ex = horrendous.

'Motherland: Fort Salem' renewed. Shrug.

Recall the Etiquette Hell website?

I'm done with the 'Undiscovered Country' comics.

'Star Trek Lower Decks' Quotes:

'Issues with communal nudity.”

“You don't cut off my bad ass plan!”

“What are they going to do? Suck us to death?”

“Catching love disease.”

“Only wants to rank up.”

'Futurama' Quotes:

“How can you do a spoken word version of a rap song?”

“He found a way.”

'When Ruby Wax Met' Quotes:

“Doing wrong things.”

“Big reporter in England.”

“That's the tragedy of America.”

“Not easy as being hated by so many people.”

“Wise, knowing looks.”

“Forever just ended.”

“Really did live in her bed.”

“Are you Carrie Fisher?”

“I was.”

“Survived drama.”

“The illness of fame.”

“Like a mad person.”


“Lured into their circle.”

“Justices everything he's ever done.”

“Fame gets scary.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Legal right share.”

“Deteriorate significantly.”


“Infuriated people.”

“Triggered a dramatic slide in his political popularity.”

“Harsh and unfriendly.”

“Came out of despair.”


“Lack of capability.”

“Instant backlash.”

“Only seem to repsond to public outrage.”

“Darker post-hydrocarbon world.”

“Unequal distribution of joy.”

“Intellectual interloper.”

“Vengeful spectre.”

“Express an ideology.”

“Judicial wrangle.”

“Contentious names.”

“Lack of culture and ignorance.”

“Unlawful chanting.”

“Intiagible cultural heritage.”

“Privileged obsessions.”

“Unworthy of a place on history's scales of justice.”

“Their treatment in the aftermath.”

“Savage, futile.”

“The hard lads.”

“Nunanced counterpoint.”

“Forced to burn her students' records.”

“No longer his to give as he has already willed it to his family?”

“Recipe for family fracture and endless legal bills.”

“Order the letter be honoured.”

“Shattered the hopes and dreams.”

“No permance to what is being created.”

“Civic discipline.”



“Damns the idea.”

“Lifelong relationship.”

“Eventually accepted me into their community.”

“Franchise machine.”

“Soulless money funnels.”

“Mainstream film stars don't have careers anymore.”

“His films are rarely good enough to secure Oscar nominations, but they are never so boring as the dullest films that the Academy does thus honour.”

“Meretricious dullards.”

“Creatively off-centre.”

“Wandering cult.”

“Universally excellent revenge.”

“Serious Actor, Action Hero, Straight-To-Stream.”

“Remained a seriously regarded versatile actoe.”

“He emoted.”


“The sort of actor you expect to see stripped to a bloody vest long before the last-act mayhem begins.”

“Eye-wateringly debilitating tax issues.”

“Mid-budget projects that would probably not ahve happened without his participation.”

“Name has become something of a punchline.”

“Captures the sense of menace.”

“Huge uncertainty.”

“People can become psychotic and violent.”

“Serial mismanagement.”

“Old crusty Frnech idiots,”

“Pivotal moment.”


“Publicly disavowed.”

“Unintended consequences.”

“Scrutiny and consideration.”

“Crisis support.”

“School bullying can affect a personal for the rest of their lives.”

'Stargate Atlantis' Quote:

“Take this one.”

'An Unexpected Killer' Quotes:

“9 gunshots that's not an accident.”

“9 gunshots is intentional.”

“Sinister trail of motives.”

“Seen his brother's car on the news.”

'Harley Quinn' Quotes:

“I tested very well as a character so the producer likes to shoehorn me into the show whenever possible.”

“Tiny rat bastard.”

“Peabody Award level sh*t.”

“An evil fairy tale book.”

“Not a lot of prospects.”

“Lots of dads are serial killers.”

“Brainwashing spincycle.”

“Zombie eye.”

“A lot of not.”

“That living weed.”

“Affect the crew dynamic in a messy and complicated manner.”

'Paperbacks From Hell' Quotes:

“Servants of another's will.”

“Upset readers. A lot.”

'Reeling In The Years' Quotes:

“The reality of the new century.”

“Swarm defence.”

“Puke football.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“If and when they don't.”

“Great big lorries and the people that drive them.”

'The Simpsons' Quote:

“Trouble's a form of attention.”

'Sky News' Quotes:

“Detect a certain frustration.”

“Refused to come back from his holiday.”

“The sea was actually closed.”

“ATM's are closed.”

“Normal functioning country.”

'BBC News' Quote:

“I have some very great concerns.”

'Hollyoaks' Quote:

“Never ever forgive me again.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Evidence destorying.”

“Bring drama wherever she goes.”

“I could nto disagree more with that statement.”


“You're running in place and not very fast.”

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