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'Heels' opening credits


'Heels' 1x03 promo


My ex = imbecilic and unreliable. My ex gave assurances. I've a furious sense of betrayal.

Ex nihilip.

I'd try roast peaches with sweet wine, clotted cream and caramelised pistachios. I'd try a black lava margarita.

I'll skip 'Deception' 1x06 'Black Art' and 'The Equalizer' 1x04 'It Takes A Village'.

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Formidable under statement.”

“Free to enter public debate on contentious issues.”

“Dissenting staff.”

“Social media furore.”

“Views are as trnchant.”

“In industrial decline.”

“How nice middle-class people could solve crimes.”

“More poetic and allusive.”

“Controversial appropriation.”

“He got a sense that he still mattered.”

“Emotionally resonant.”

“Myth-heavy world.”

“Dark, spare pop.”

“Unacquainted with heartache.”

“Enduringly aspirational.”

“Emotional chasm.”

“Any building of merit.”

“Lack of enthusiasm was damning.”

“Stunned silence.”

“Nastily rendered.”

“Emotionally shut in.”

“Long forsaken vivilised society.”

“Absurdist concoction.”

“Weary, mournful, tender, with gusts of rage and grief.”

“You called...I came.”

“Low-stakes nostalgia.”

“English duffers abroad.”

“Stultifying purgatory.”

“Tabloid pages devoted to the misfortunes.”

“Heiress stealing.”

“Dollar princesses.”

“An heiress's indifference to public opinion.”

“Dripping distain.”

“Instinctively hostile.”

“Unwelcome historical connotations.”

“As unimaginative as possible.”

“Promised terrible retribution.”

“Seemingly bored lead actor.”

“Finely plotted narratives.”

“Far more emotional range.”

“Weep quietly when you think of what the BBC lost.”

“Banal truth.”

“Grandeur and forcefulness.”

“I feel like I'm waiting for something that isn't going to happen.”

“Influence evaporates.”

“A morality tale about aspiration.”

“Recontextualises it with the benefit of historical perspective.”

“Travel crates.”

“Ominious signal.”

“To have understood what was likely to happen and not care.”

“Openly questioning both the sanity of Joe Biden,”

“Watched with incredulity.”

“Non-combatant evacuation.”

“Fanatical attention to detail.”

“Failure to inspire enthusiasm.”

Prehistoric lark.”

“Going to behave rationally and responsibly.”

“Something even worse might have taken his place.”

“Proved boring corrected.”

“Fatalistic belief.”

“Respond very aggressively.”

“Sparked derison.”

“So foundational for English literature.”


“Uniquely opaque.”

“The living Diana is barely remembered.”

“Dubious pretences.”

“Bottom troubles.”

“Big, angry, shouty men who get drunk and get into fights. You can't tell if they're having a good time or an argument when they're together.”

“Tale of woe.”

“Self-criticism sessions.”

“Suspected regime infiltrator.”

“Dismissive shrug.”

“The order to close US airspace had never been given before,”

“-30 degrees longitude. Once you cross it, you are committed to flying to North America.”

'Expedition Unknown' Quotes:

“Jawdropping cathedral to the written word.”

“Scary word we can't say in airports.”

'Fighting With My Family' Quotes:

“2 rejects from 'Harry Potter'!”

“Born to raise hell!”

“How do you think this ends for you?”

“Bad shorts with no fanfare.

“Chasing fame that's never going to come to him.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Constant menacing presence.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Literally are dinosaurs.”

“First citizen.”

“Started something we can't stop.”

“Called to account.”

'Business Post Magazine' Quotes:

“Cruelty to people.”

“Homicidal foxes.”

“World-ending weapon.”

“Good people making bad decisions.”

“Paid a terrible personal price.”

“Hard limits.”

“Founding authors.”

“Brutal reality.”

“Unwilling to cede it,”

“Drastically constrain.”

“Ingenious rapacity.”

“Commerical expectation.”


“Sneering tone.”

“The ruin of many a good man.”

“Silence will forever be shattered.”

“Destroy the serenity.”

“Fondest memories.”

“Marvel-threatening superhero franchise.”

“The danger he clearly presents.”

“Cruel interventions.”

“Grim history.”

“Someone chooses to love you.”

“Sadness and insecurity.”

“Fear and anxiety.”

'The Chair' Quotes:

“Larger campus context.”

“Do those words mean something different now?”

“Enemies of thought.”

“Tenure is not a blank cheque anymore.”

“That's not a great defence.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Terrifying new reality.”

“Emotional reverance.”

“Too much nostalgia for the way charity shops used to be.”

“Lives a lonely life.”

“Constructive ambiguity.”

“Praise from her peers.”

“Social significance.”

“Hopelessness and distress.”

“Anger, resentment and distress.”

“Mutual accord and understanding.”

“Aura of hostility.”

“Their livelihoods don't matter.”

“Appalling phrase.”

“Punishing complacency.”

“Preventive vigilance.”

“Gloom over the entire community.”

'Dateline' Quote:

“Callback message.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“You're not an alcholic?”

“Not right now.”


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