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Deception1x05+The Chair (2021) 1x01-1x03+The 4400 1x02+The Spanish Princess2x02+Organized Crime1x04


A street artist does stuff. Stained glass is stolen. Cameron's bro is so obviously going darkside. Billy Zane guest stars. He's got fat and old. The street artist is accused. There are secret codes in the street artist's work. TPTB hint at the myth-arc, shame this show was cancelled. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Criss Angel.”

“Do not say that name!”

“I'm not going to die for another 36 seconds.”

“Public icon.”

“My days of infamy are long behind me.”

“Getting matching neck tattoos kind of friends.”

Brilliant mistake

Ji-Yoon faces budget cuts. Sandra Oh stars and faces demands and expectations. Bill is a useless lecturer, he drinks and pisses in public. Ji-Yoon tries for profound change. Steal steals a buggy and crashes it. Ji-Yoon has to change the antiquated college. Bill acts like what he does are trivial infringements. He ignores the disastrous effects he causes.

Bill stares at a Harry Styles poster and steals a scooter and flies into a bush. Students don't care about the 14th century. Bill has obvious determination to be a drunk. The teachers are less than competent. This was not a victory narrative. This was okay if not increasingly plausible.

The alternative to Ji-Yoon is so obviously worse. Bill shows his class a sex video. People face intolerable long term damage. Bill is a crude egotist who lives his live in the brief periods between blackouts. Bill is a waste of talent, energy and dignity. People are committed to their work. Bill has personal concerns and negative impacts and a profoundly negative effect. He does not care about the devastating effects he causes.

The future of education will be about who is included and excluded. Bill is a gloomy presence. Bill is excruciating. Bill enrolls high? And has a reputation? The system is creaking.

Best Lines:

“In dire crisis.”

“Tech-addled culture.”

“You're 51!”

“I'm 46!”

“You're kidding.”

“Profound contribution to American letters.”

“Put Joan in the basement of the Wellness centre?”

“Packed the halls here.”

“Makes or breaks careers.”

“Male adventure narrative.”

“Fixed analysis.”

“What? I read.”

“I'm not trying to be popular.”

“Than you're wildly succeeding.”

“Painted a very ominious picture.”

“Beauty of rhe phrasing.”

“The skills of close reading.”

“In 5 years do you think you'll even exist?”

“Truth is a very loaded word.”

The Faculty Party

Why didn't the babysitter lock the loo door? People are conceding ground. People have no say in the outcome of other people's decisions. Bill is grevious and into insulting persuasion. Bill is intent on causing trouble. Ji-Yoon has a horrible 'troubled' child. An old video of Bill causes scandal. Ji-yoon has an ongoing dynamic of accepting Bill's mistreatment as normal. Bill negatively impacts people. Bill gets away with crap by playing the dead wife card, his dead wife is his purported justification for his crap. There is no interesting tension. Bill has aggrieved entitlement. There is counterfactual reasoning. Bill has no dark malevolent glamour.

Best Line:

“Delightfully peaceful.”

The Town Hall

Bill has no moral accountability. Bill is useless and gets away with all sorts of bad behaviour. Ji-Yoon is long suffering and exasperated. Bill is a Joaquin Phoenix looking tool. Bill needs reputation maagement. Bill thinks he's bold and fearless. Bill drinks and does drugs and is a slacker and has unsurpassable rapture in himself. This was drained of energy and excitment. There are no next level ideas in this. Bill is one of those men who can't cope with the world moving past 1984. Bill has irrevocably damaged stuff.

Best Lines:

“Validate the total absurdity of this proceeding.”

“You can't constrain my actions.”

“Encourage dissent.”

The New And Improved Carl Morrissey

This show is terrible and I'm done. There are bad chocies. Tom and his bitchface are the worst. Shawn's fat brother is the worst. I keep thinking the lead actor is Mark Valley – but he isn't.


There are betrayals, dangers, loss and passion. Is this including material from the book 'Three Sisters, Three Queens'? There is Thomas Howard, war and Catherine is desolate. The realm has no heir. Catherine announces she is pregnant. Henry wars in France. Catherine's troubles and sorrows will get worse. Reggie Pole sulks. Maggie Pole sulks. James IV makes a reckless decision that will cost him his life. Marriage will not be unending.

Catherine is named Regent. Mary and Anne Boleyn lurk in the background at court. Howard has a pottymouth. Catherine has pregnancy armour made. Bessie Blount lurks. Catherine was all fidelity and constancy until the became unimportant in her own marriage. Catherine is purposeful and resolute. Henry's vanity and selfishness are present but have not yet grown. Anne Boleyn and Queen Margaret are not yet the scandalous women they would be known as.

Catherine knows what is right and what is God's will. Catherine would be abandoned. Howard is played by some Charles Dance type. There are terrible consequences to Catherine riding into battle at Flodden. There are also terrible consequences to James IV's ambition. Margaret laments and bewails, she'll do a lot of that in this ep. Catherine is a Queen militant.

Catherine does exactly as she wants, in time so would Henry. Anne Boleyn has not caught Henry's eye and is not trying to take Catherine's place, yet. James IV made dreadful errors. Lina is in labour and there are no midwives. Catherine has enmity. There are warring courts and James IV dies in battle.

Henry would drag Catherine off her throne. Margaret has 2 sons? Lina has twin sons. Catherine is Henry's beloved Queen and most trusted advisor, for now. Wolsey directs Henry. Catheirne has pride and unimpeachable virtue and an unimpeachable reputation. Henry lies. Henry can be selfish. Catherine has a stillbirth on the lawn unnoticed. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Stay here and what? Embroider something?”

“Tenfold is the calamity.”

“Gets his cock blown off.”

“The Queen carries my son.”

“Made his own fate.”

“Smells like a whore's flannel,”

“He wouldn't bloody dare!”

“We endure what is given to us.”

“God have mercy.”

“The cost of following a cause.”

“Broken our alliance.”

“Bragging man.”

“The unborn future king.”

“Forged in war.”

“The king has fallen!”

“Christian names for this Christian country.”

“Still got my cock.”

“He knew the cost.”

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of

Why does Richard want Stabler dead? Some irritating shrieky woman shrieks. Richard creeps. Stabler acts like a crazy man. Will TPTB stop shoving Oliva into this show? Stabler gets an intervention. Gina spies. Richard didn't want Stabler dead, his wife was the target all along. I don't care.

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