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Trailers 2010!

Being Human’ Series 2 trailer
The flatmates are being hunted. But by who? This looks good and creepy.

‘The Tooth Fairy’ trailer
Dwayne Johnson plays a mean ice hockey player who ends up becoming a tooth fairy. He wears a silly outfit and wings. Oh the cheese factor of this. “You can’t handle the tooth” indeed.

A Nightmare on Elm Street’ trailer
This looks good and it has creepy little girls chanting: “Never sleep again.”

The Crazies’ trailer
Another remake. The residents of a small town change and go crazy, it looks good.

‘Afterschool’ trailer
This looks creepy.

‘Dare’ trailer
Boring kids hook up. Looks boring.

Shutter Island’ trailer
A loony bin, an escaped prisoner, they’re cut off and DiCaprio walks like a duck. This looks good.
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