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Power Rangers Issue 9 Reviewed

Drakkon gives advice. A moppet whines. The big alien cat thing is sad. A bird thing wants a fight. Jason is oblivious to how terrible he is. There are urgent circumstances. Jason has boastful confidence. Trini has ferocity. Drakkon is strangely joyful and Jason frequently ignores his sage counsel. There is societal understanding. This was padding and not good.

Best Lines:

“All that's left of our civilization are a few seeds and the books I was able to gather from my shelves.”

“You don't think they hear you call out every time you morph?”

“I just wanna go home...But I can't. Ever.”

“You're looking a little threatening there, buddy.”

“I am not the only race they have wronged.”

“I will make them hear me.”

“The grief you have inflicted on so many others.”

“Do not seek me out, for you bring with you nothing but death.”

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