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Movie Review: Carry on Screaming (1966)

This was a very funny spoof of the Hammer horror genre. Women are disappearing in the woods so police officers Bung and Slowbottom investigate. They are unaware that the women are being carried off by the rampaging monster Oddbod on the orders of a creepy bother and sister who live in a mysterious house.

Soon Bung, Slowbottom and Mr Potter (whose girlfriend has vanished) find their way to the house and have close encounters with the undead Orlando, his vampish sister Valeria and their butler Socket. Somehow, they’re not automatically suspicious of the siblings despite the fact they wear so much make up they look like varnished clowns.

It seems the siblings are having their pet monsters abduct women so they can turn them into shop dummies and sell them to clothes stores. Anyway Valeria tries it on with Bung, Dan Dan the lavatory attendant comes to a bad end, there is potion drinking, killer snakes and a big showdown where people run around the old dark house fighting painfully obvious dummies.

Anyway Valeria gives up evildoing to shack up with Bung while his shrew wife who has been turned into a shop dummy is kept in the front room. So crazy she-bat Valeria is a kidnapper, murderer, poisoner and a liar yet Bung shacks up with her while gloating over his frozen wife. The final scene does leave a bad taste in the mouth but the rest of the film is very funny.

Best Lines:
“What about the disposal of the bodies? The dustmen don’t come til Friday!”

“We’ve done nothing wrong. Have we?”

“Why can’t everyone be thoroughly horrid like us?”

“This ear?”
“That there.”

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