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Century Falls (1993) Review

Written by Russell T Davies who gave us ‘Doctor Who’, ‘Torchwood’ and ‘Dark Season’. This is another tale of creepy goings on and smart mouthed kids, sadly it is nowhere near as good as ‘Dark Season’.

Episode 1
Fat Tess and her mother move to Century Falls. She meets twins Ben and Carey who are the only other children in town. They’re also nasty, rude little snots. This is full of unpleasant people and bad acting. Ben and his bad skin are guilty of some terrible acting. Local biddies gossip at the corner shop. Something happened on the 17th July 1953, something that changed the town forever. Does it have anything to do with the Temple and the mysterious fire?

For some reason Tess hangs out with Ben and Carey while gurning old women stare in disapproval. Ben shows the two girls a vision with his psychic powers which cause Tess to belly flop into a pond. Although the storyline is fairly intriguing this was utterly mediocre.

Best Lines:
“This place, quiet as the grave.”
“Thanks mum, make me feel at home won’t you?”

“Did we like him?”
“We did not.”

“Outsiders, they never bring us good.”

“I can so I did.”

Episode 2
Carey and her split ends whines, Ben is vile. Their Uncle Richard’s maid Julia hangs around as does his creepy butler the cute Ashe (Alex Mollo). Old biddies hold pagan rituals. So no child has been born in Century Falls since 1953 and Uncle Richard and Ashe have something in the basement. This ep was a master class in bad acting. This was blah.

Episode 3
The ominous villagers mutter, ominously. Carey is snotty. Ben shows off his horrible personality some more, he needs a good slap. Tess talks to the old biddies. Tess’ mother shrieks. These people are idiots and the villain is revealed. This was abominably bad.

Best Line: “If I’d known then what the next 40 years would bring, I’d have run back and died with the rest.”

Episode 4
What is the dark and devastating secret of the ruined Temple, the terrible fire, the psychic mind and the waterfalls? Julia manipulates events some more. Tess learns about Century, who was brought into being by the will of the townsfolk. She was their subconscious and their destroyer. Tess learns how she and her mother are connected to Century Falls. Tess’ mother is incredibly dumb. Ben’s incredibly stupid. There is more terrible acting. This was awful.

Best Line: “Go away Tess, this is villagers’ talk.”

Episode 5
Carey, Tess and co rescue Ben. Why? Tess’ mother is thick, people whine and the villagers realise Julia is them. The characters are a pack of morons, fools and dumbbells. Julia wants Century to be reborn. This was awful.

Episode 6
Julia gets Ben to recreate the Temple. People yell. Despite their super special powers these people are big, dumb, slow and dim. I don’t care about their emotional journey, trauma and strange family dynamics. There is a treble ass pull of an ending as the townsfolk turn into a mob and climb very, very carefully over the rocks around the waterfall and there is a sudden happily ever after. This was dull.

Best Lines:
The fire claimed him, 40 years too late."

“A hollow woman with no soul of her own inside.”

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