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VOY 3x06 + Outer Banks 2x10 + Supergirl 6x06 Reviewed 👎👎👎🍕🧄


Torres is given the memories of an old alien woman who took part in a genocide of a people on her world who were dismissed as dirty and irrelevant. The space nazis smug. This was undone by bad acting.

Best Line:

We've been tolerant for a very long time.”

The Costal Venture

I'm done with this show. I care not for John B, Pope, JJ or Kiara. Sarah's trash. What spray tan did they use on the actors? They look like they're in end stage liver failure. Ward has sub psychotic rage. Ward and his greasy, inexplicably irritable, psycho son are on a cargo ship. John B and co are trapped in a death cage. I care not how they all this happened.

Ward runs with some pretty bad folk. There is such a heavy gang presence around Ward. Sarah's sister and Ward's bimbo are there too. As is a great big gold cross. The son also has sub psychotic rage. Christopher Pike is ripped off. There is a continued pursuit for relevance. This was not ebyond amazing.

Why is Sarah so stupid? The cross is worth half a billion dollars. Rose is Ward's idiot wife/bimbo. Ward has his own private island. There are no societal expectations. JJ plans to take over the ship's bridge with guns. This was lazy and incompetent. Sarah acts disappointingly. People are judged for their choices, actions and beliefs. There is no shame, guilt or culpability. Sarah is detrimental. JJ is hysterical.

Consideration is a word whose meaning is lost on John B. This was not very pleasant. This was dreary. There are disastrous consequences. Ward has the gold and the cross. The kids have nothing. Sarah is only 16. Why is Ward feuding with teenagers?

Psycho bro attacks John B with a hook. Pope gets in a crane. Why is Ward feuding with children?!? Pope uses the crane on the cross. John B tries to kill Ward and fails like he does at life. The cross falls in the ocean and then is saved. How much must it weigh? Sarah ditched her sister and family for John B. This was a complete and utter travesty.

John B and co have ditched their families, who think they are dead. They have no gold, no cross and only the clothes they are standing up in. WTF? John B and co don't care about the families. There are no interesting decisions. There is gunfire and little if any relevance and complex and volatile situations. Ward still has the gold and cross. John B's dad is alive. This was not enduring.

Season 3 is set up. This was frustrating. John B gains new adversaries every say. There is no heavy subject matter. Destiny is pulling them elsewhere. There is no renewed enjoyment. Season 2 was dreck. This was not powerul or affecting. This was insipid. There was no insight or pathos. This was seedy. John B and co end up on an unknown island. This was not a pulpy romp. There is no chaotic realism. This season was unwatchable.

Best Lines:

“Angry right now rightfully so.”

“Make good on that promise.”

“Get away with everything again.”

“To take the bridge.”

“100% probability you're going to do something stupid.”

“Calling me B team?”

“Best its gonna get.”

“All the evil men do.”

“Smoking a jay.”

“We got everything.”

“Nothing else to lose.”

Prom Again!

I'd very low expectations of what this season would be like. There is not a single thing about this show that I don't hate. Alex apologises for being such a bitch. Cat Grant is the worst. Nia and Brainy have screwed up the timeline. Kara is an idiot.

Best Lines:

“Fighty thing.”

“No undoing this one.”

“I don't know exactly what a balloon boy is.”

“Oh yes it's terrible.”

#burning love from WOW!#burning love from WOW!#burning love from WOW!

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