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Book Review: Under the Dome

Under The Dome by Stephen King

It’s just another day in the small town of Chester’s Mill, until something inexplicable happens. An invisible barrier has descended over the town cutting it off from the rest of the world.

As the residents try to cope with what is happening, corrupt local politician Jim Rennie sees it as an opportunity to seize control and become the absolute master of the fates of the town residents. There are those who oppose him but fear and panic lead most to follow Rennie with blind but absolute loyalty.

As Rennie’s iron grip grows stronger and the air quality in the enclosed town plummets, events head towards cataclysm.

This was an excellent read it has loads and loads of characters, but you feel like you know them all. Each character’s personalities and subsequent choices seem incredibly real. This is a gripping story and Jim Rennie is a truly loathsome villain. But the sheep like stupidity of those who follow his regime of casual cruelty can be frustrating.

Still this is a wonderful riveting novel that is one of King’s absolute best works.
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