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Deception 1x02 + Batwoman 2x15 Reviewed

Forced Perspective

A moron murders someone. This is obviously based on a certain famous case. Someone doesn't know who Agatha Christie is. Cameron Black is an arrogant idiot. This was so obvious. Cameron tries to pull some 'Mission Impossible' crap on a baddie, obviously the baddie has seen 'Mission Impossible'. A woman lacks self defense skills. FFS. This ep just ends. This was not good. Everyone has walls of crazy.

Armed And Dangerous

Luke's been shot. Mary decides to use the magic plant to save Luke. Jacob looks into the shooting. Beth is dumb. Why is Ocean such trash? Ryan is incredibly stupid. Beth doesn't tell anyone about Circe/Kate as she is trash. Mary is not Jacob's daughter!!! Will Ryan stop being ungrateful? The acting is bad. The comatose Luke talks to 'Bruce'. Sophie tells Jacob, again, how corrupt the Crows are. Jacob's own Crows try to kill him. So he disbands the Crows. This was bad. Alice wants Jacob to help her.

Best Line:
"Both Batwomen."

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