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Movie Reviews: Bohemian Rhapsody + Downsizing

Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)
Rami Malek does his actings in this biopic directed by Dexter Fletcher. Fake teeth are sported, Freddie falls in love with Mary, there is sex, singing, fame and Kenny Everett. This was overhyped.

People deride Queen. There is dodgy behaviour and this is not interesting or challenging. This was a dud. This was simpering blandness. There is Live Aid, a baby and a leech boyfriend. There is bloody mindedness.

There are things amiss and this was terribly frustrating and puerile, depressing and lacklustre. This was gibberish. Freddie doesn't like scrutiny but he does like the best lyrics and notes. This was operatically over the top and not ludicrously entertaining. This was not edged with darkness. There is ominious bitterness and no resonance. There's megastardom in here too.

Freddie's life is a never ending chore. This aims to be as arty as an obscure French new wave film. This is not a re-creation of what the Queen live music experience would have been like. There are 100,000 people at Wembley for Live Aid. Freddie brushes off the questionable people.

Where there any female performers at Live Aid? Freddie had a toxic and hostile boyfriend who he had to kick to the curb. The plot of this movie was movie was picked for reasons unknown. This underwhelms and is not enlightening. Freddie has misgivings and insecurities and is whingy.

There are unpleasant experiences and distressing news and vile manager types. There is self obsession and cartoonishly repellent types and moral superiority. Bob Geldof shows up. This was entertaining, sorta. There were deceitful types. Freddie achieved mythical status as did Live Aid. There is a renewed sense of self-identity. There is a social maelstorm. Various people are distrusted and dismissed. There are turbulent relationships.

Freddie may not have much of a future. Pepsi cups are seen. This is not a detailed account of factual events. There is negative energy. This was not astute. Drama was his addiction. There is no edginess. This was not pacey or polished. There is obvious green screen in the Live Aid scenes.

There are creepy side eyes and art power rock and a chaotic life pattern. There is a gulf between great ideas and competent execution. There are creative expressions and this was bland and pointless. There is dogged persistence and turmoil. This was not particularly liked. There is a recreation (in nearly full) of their Live Aid performance.

Vital life information is left out for the idealistic glossy movie version. This was banal and historically baffling. Freddie died in 1991. Aidan Gillen, Tom Hollander and Mike Myers starred in this tale of incompetence and apathy that was daft, perplexing irritation.

Best Lines:
Looking drunk or ill.”

“Good thoughts, good words, good deeds. That's what you should aspire to.”

“Yes. And how has that worked out for you?”

“MTV banned our video.”

“Africa charity gig.”

“Dirty little fruitflies.”

“13 satellites. The Olympics only had 3.”

“Live a vulture's crotch.”

“Bore me with your sympathy.”

“Good thoughts, good words, good deeds.”

“What are you doing later?”

“Medium talent!”

"Visit the cats and me.”

“Shake the freak tree.”

Downsizing (2017)
A man decides for a total change in his life. He thinks it would be a noble exploit to be shrunk to 5 inches tall which is a new social movement to save the planet. Creepy scientists invented a shrink device aka cellular reduction to save the world. This is inimical to logic. There is talk of vague aspirational crap.

This is not a brutal and viciously witty takedown of the American dream and male midlife crisis. There is no gilded lifestyle for the shrunk. Being shrunk doesn't make your life full of possibility it just leads to loneliness and despair. How can the shrunk and normal sized people talk to each other let alone hear each other? Food intake isn't affected.

Matt Damon is the white savior du jour. The whole shrinking people thing is horrifying. A major transformation of society is planned. Weight does not seem to be a fact. How do they breathe? How can conversations be held? Matt Damon has man pain and forces his wife into it. There is no betterment of his life. This was fundamentally flawed.

Matt Damon does the trite my wife is spending my money midlife crisis crap. There is misuse of the science and fateful chocies. This was the dregs. The shrinking would not pass legal muster. People with hip replacements can't be shrunk. Also you can't reverse it. This film was a major miscalculation.

Their hair and eyebrows are shaved off (and all other hair too I presume?). Filings are removed along with the teeth they're in. Ick. New plastic teeth are put in once they are shrunj. His wife changes her mind and legs it which makes Matt Damon angry. There is no integrity. This was utter fatuity.

The earth turns out to be doomed. There is a bunker. This was irrelevant. Shrinking is not redistributive. A box of keepsakes aren't shrunk. People use shrinking for ill. Matt Damon and his wife get divorced and he moves on. There is pretence and the underclass. This was appalling and things become fraught with difficulties. Shrinking infantalises people. I loathed this. This is rendered obsolete.

Best Lines:

“For the small.”

“Don't be so American.”

“I'm still living in the same house I grew up in.”

“Suspicious tv box.”

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