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Outer Banks 2x02 + Law & Order: Organized Crime (2021-?) 1x01 Reviewed

The Heist
This show has glaring inadequacies. What does Sarah see in John B’s ghetto ass? John B has complete ineptitude at anything resembling normal social interaction. People try to force conviction into lines in this hopelessly grim ep. Ward kills someone; the threat level is seriously ramped up. Events provoke an angry response from Ward. John B’s friends watched someone be murdered. The gun goes into a storm drain.

There are bad decisions and I abhor this. The footage of Ward being bad is ruined, thanks to JJ. John B does not contribute to the world he lives in. This has not been well received. This was absurd ridiculousness.

There is a grave threat. There are serious deficiencies. Sarah tries to be tough. The hegemony of the establishment and the status quo go on. There is the old disappearing corpse trope. Pope is sick and tired of all this. This has no intensity. There are assertions and TPTB are hopelessly in thrall to John B.

There are no thought provoking contradictions. Ward is a dominant and destructive influence. There is misery and death and Ward is acclaimed in dispiriting fashion. JJ yells about nobody helping them. This was a dismal litany. There are hypocrisies. Where are their parents? Shouldn’t they be at school? This was trite, clichéd and formulaic. John B’s friends are agonising. Sarah’s sister shows up. Ward asks his psycho son to help bury the body.

This was shabby folly. People are strident fools and there is no acclaim for this bad disaster. There is mockery and BS and harassment. Ward’s whore bimbo unloads verbal and psychological abuse. There are grievances and ill treatment. Sarah recalls the dead woman, John B shrugs it off.

This is a depressing litany of arrogance, rudeness, victimisation and derogatory belittling. The awful hierarchical system goes on. There is way too much focus on John B and Sarah. John B is gross, taunting and belittling. There is making fun, isolating, ignoring and isolation. There is a lack of willingness to make good decisions. People look for the gun.

The drug dealer lurks. Does nobody have a job? There is misery and a negative impact and a sewer. Logic is ignored. The plot is at a snail’s pace. People are belligerent and the psycho bro and drug dealer try to kill Pope and co. Nobody is exonerating John B anytime soon. Nobody sees psycho bro flooding the sewer in broad daylight?

There are devastating consequences and logic is ignored and real grievances are ignored. The chick in Daisy Dukes waves a gun in the middle of a street in broad daylight and nobody notices. Also nobody notices Daisy Dukes chick climbing out of a flooded sewer.

There is a major upsurge in violence. Ward’s greedy useless whore lounges around. The gold is in a vault in Ward’s summer home that is the perfect size to fit it all. There is mumbling and tragic is fomented. There are objectionable people and this leaves you exasperated.

People are negligent. There are volatile situations and TPTB are incapable of credibly delivering a narrative. Kids attack.

This was not heartening. There is stupidity and people of modest means attack Ward and his psycho son. Sarah gets shot. Assumptions are shattered and this leaves you unfulfilled, numbed and disengaged. Logic is neglected.

Best Lines:
“He sure looks mad.”

“He’s a murderer.”
“He’s going to murder us.”

“Worst idea we have ever had.”

“Whole lot of nothing.”

“Random killing spree.”

“Just stop.”

“Have a lot more credibility than any of you.”

“Everyone jumps for him.”

“Lying in the street.”

“Something dead in here!”

“Known thief.”

“Smelling up my damn office!”

“Did Ward bribe you?”

What Happens In Puglia
Elliot Stabler returns to a grimly dystopic city. He doesn’t wear a mask. Is this the new ‘Wiseguy’? This is not a devastating evocation. There are bitter recriminations and no rootedness. Stabler is aggrieved! Ungodly! And widely reviled! The theme tune is bad. Dylan McDermott plays the grimly coercive godfather who has the fealty of his supporters.

Chazz Palminteri plays the dead star walking. Stabler causes quite an adverse reaction as he acts erroneously. There is deceptive conduct of the grossest kind. Stabler whines about his kids - the ones he emotionally neglected? There is no terrifying uncertainty. The biggest source of Stabler’s anxiety lives in the same city. Stabler has minimal resources just determination and focus. Stabler is aggrieved and feels personal affront. A hacker hacks.

There are retributive murders and a mutually embittering quest. There is a slow and painful self creation. The baddie is a one dimensional hateful bad guy. There is no literary capital in this. This is a city you should escape as soon as possible. Stabler is dwelling on past glories. Stabler’s wife was murdered a week ago - shouldn’t he be on compassionate leave?

Dylan and Chazz have aged. Richard (Dylan) has a type and Chazz plays his dad. Stabler’s psych evals and record are brought up. Manfredi Sinatra (Chazz) dies at the hands of his own son. Richard M. Wheatley is a respected man who donates to art museums. His sons by his first wife chose him over their mother. Richard’s 1st wife has no time for his 2nd trophy wife. The 1st wife is not to be trusted. I’ll keep watching.

Best Lines:
“This isn’t your house anymore.”

“Vicious and violent members of the underworld.”

“Locking up an Italian gentleman like me.”

“He’s a mob lawyer.”

“My last best chance.”

“He could have peed there.”

“Not a good idea.”

“Making bank off this pandemic.”

“Mafia’s not as white as they used to be.”

“Some very small time worthless crapola.”

Not to live in that darkness.”

“Six shootings?”
“All of them good!”

“Making his way up as a capo.”

“The son of a mafia don.”

“Who knew a worldwide pandemic could be so profitable?”

“Tragic, terrible time.”

“You’re still reckless”
“You can’t talk to me like that in my own house.”
“It used to be my house.”
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