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Trailers, Thoughts & Quotes

‘Brand New Cherry Flavor’ trailer

‘Army Of Thieves’ trailer
The prequel nobody wanted.

Sour cherry drops - okay.
Plum chutney - nice.
Orange Turkish Delight - nice.

I thought my ex and I were in a happy relationship. My ex’s level of indifference.

I’d try Mexican street corn and cauliflower taco and chocolate and avocado mousse.

‘Channel 4 News’ Quotes:
“A sad memory.”

“Utterly joyful.”

“Driven by malicious intent.”

‘BBC News’ Quotes:
“Witless, turgid stinkers.”

“Star names.”

“I have a lot of money.”

“Stripped down shark attack thriller.”

“Heroic heft.”

“Insufferable crew.”

“The tunes of his homeland.”

“Silent and unplayed,”

“Heartbreakingly sad.”

“Blockbuster land.

“An object to be marketed.”

“Ghosts of a past.”

“Harrowing memories.”

“Severe self possessed beauty.”

“Folk horror hit.”

“Project starfish.”

“We’re all going to die.”
“I hope so.”

“Dumbest DC characters of all time.”

“Limbs and logic get rent asunder.”

“Sweary splatter.”

“Rodent wrangling.”

“Enduringly indefinable.”

“Insanely challenging concert tours.”

“Century straddling career.”

“Comic fantasy.”

“Air of mystery that’s long surrounded the duo.”

“Let freedom flourish.”

“Appeal to selfish instincts.”

“Punishment isn’t merited.”

“Absolutely no merit.”

“Contest this in court.”

“Called for a harsh response.”

“Quite a serious escalation.”

“Undeclared shadow war.”

“Made inaccessible.”

“Visiting forces agreement.”

‘The Irish Times’ Quotes:
“Not be disturbed by people.”

“Great ending to my life,”

“So everyone I worked with could see how stupid he thought I was.”

“Voices rarely heard.”

“Met with laughter by all who witnessed it.”

“Leads to loyalty.”

“Had to take over running the house.”

“The city didn’t come to help.”

“Multi-decadal monitoring.”

“Slightly more agricultural crowd.”

“Killer of dreams.”

“The stupid cow has lost the plot.”

“Following her old dear around the house, ringing a handbell and shouting, “Unclean! Unclean!”

“My heart didn’t exactly soar at the prospect.”

“Sit around and look at their bikes and talk about their bikes.”

“Hotel-standard mattress toppers.”

“Things have actually changed and moved on.”

“Women must constantly hold men’s sexual attention.”

“When reality doesn’t match up to the script.”

“Presenting it with respect.”

"America’s Most Hated.”

“We wonder if she might have something to do with it. Everyone else wonders that, too.”

“Sees culture’s function first and foremost as an agent for effecting certain forms of social and political change.”

“Ideological narrowness.”

“Not going to be lightly relinquished.”

“Learned the bitter lesson.”

“Those who were not so chosen.”

“Hand it on intact to a single chosen heir.”

“Closed-in parish.”

“A great deal of modern Irish literature concerned with the farm is retrospective.”

“Idylls of remembered country childhoods.”

People Magazine Investigates’ Quotes:
“Rebelling in every way.”

“Beneath their smile and their charm, there exists a dark and disturbed soul.”

“East Texas values.”

“We tried an empty chair.”

“He jumped at Normandy.”

‘Sky News’ Quotes:
“Experience hostility.”

“Not wanting to listen.”


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