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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'King Richard' trailer

Will Smith gurns.

Best Line:

“Trouble in the house.

'D.P' trailer

Dubbed. Runway soliders. South Korea.

'The Prince' trailer


'House Of Gucci' trailer

So camp.

'Limetown' 1x10 promo


Melting moment biscuit – dry.

Butterscotch toffee biscuit – dry.

Falmin' hot tangy cheese Doritos – mmmm.

Basil & garlic olives – okay.

Glenisk protein yogurt raspberry – no.

What was the rationale behind my ex's decision?

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Deep unfairness.”

“Daily deluge.”

“What lies ahead in the future.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Lack of foresight or precaution.”

'BBC News' Quotes:


“Utmost last effort.”

“Went in early and hard.”

“Not a lot of logic.”

“A huge threat to civilization.”

“Melt events.”

“Their way of life disrupted.”

“Regional extinction.”

“Risking catastrophe for all of us.”

“Caution is urged.”

“Become the property of the nation.”

“Steering calamity.”

“Life-changing consequences.”

'A Crime To Remember' Quotes:

“Flashers and mashers, pervs and jerkers.”

“Loser parade.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“The woman who regretted telling her relatives she had cognitive problems, convinced that had she remained silent, she might still be living at home;”

“Received little attention.”

“Pretty much anything Prince did was heralded by far too many people as genius, despite his producing precious little of any notable quality outside his 1980s heyday.”

“Gender anxieties of the 1980s.”

“Of rival and therefore inferior towns with backwards customs.”

“A bloody bogger then,”

“Middle-aged cranks who collect toy dolls and get angry on twitter when children's cartoons are remade in ways they don't like.”

“Rules of norminative determinism which reign over Eternia.”

“Nothing will make them feel the way saturday monring cartoons made them feel in 1985,”

“Populated by a techno cult run by the Elon Musk-like Tri-Klops.”

“Bog waters.”

“Little in the way of shared culture.”

“Some element of punishment.”

“Years behind his potential.”

“Lost his nut.”

“Bawling obliviously.”

“Things which existed in myth are repeated as reality.”

“Heavy onus.”

“Life became a series of instructions from others.”

“Frightened into isolation.”


“Social media hate campaign.”

“Hate incidents.”

“Contested space.”

“Areas deteriorate.”

“Long-lie litter.”

“If urgent steps are not taken to restore trust.”

“Resilient community.”

'Medical Detectives' Quotes:

“The killer fog had struck again.”

“Fogging conditions.”

“Mass disaster.”

“Super fogs.”

“Abandoned years earlier.”

“Battle of the scientific positions.”

'American Housewife' Quotes:

“Live in barrista.”

“You're in college now! Act like it!”

“In colonial times I'd be long dead from war and you'd be wasting away from scarlet fever.”

“If your friend's psycho brother hasn't chased you with a BB gun, you haven't lived.”

“Florida home run.”

“Revenge bang on everything you love.”

“Rich people say it my way.”

“Wait on a bunch of losers.”

“Revoked my trust fund.”

“I'm not used to the girls I watch on the internet talking back to me.”

“Sleep kicking.”

“Sex basket.”

“Basket of sin.”

“That kind of thinking is why you're in the classroom with the metal scissors now.”

“Someone who understands loyalty.”

“I'm not ready to give up the kid's menu.”

“They control the money faucet.”

“I promised them I wouldn't steal or sit outside that girl's house anymore.”

“No ambition and no life skills.”

“Stove top scrubbing.”

“Better start smiling and acting positive.”

“Westport turd.”

“Potty train herself in the toilet display at Home Depot.”

“Said Bolivian prison.”

“Great snack ideas.”

“Working sucks.”

“Angry little phone friend.”

“Horned up.”

“He trained them to attack anyone who tried to leave the compound.”

“Shouting un-christian words.”

'Misery' Quotes:

“Worst horror of my life.”

“Had to be born of nobility!”

“I've prepared for what must be done.”

“You're been taken seriously.”

“Chapter plays.”

“But I didn't cheer.”

“It's not worthy of you. Throw it all out. Except for the part of naming the gravedigger after me. You can leave that in.”

“I really value your criticism.”

'Law & Order' Quotes:

“Don't make me restrain you!”

“Re-loaded hours.”

“Accomplice liability.”

“Without benefit of any legal authority.”

'48 Hours' Quotes:

“The house is modest even by 1890s standards.”

“Resentment, bitterness and greed.”

“Finds herself unwelcome.”

“Turns her back on her.”

'Breeders' Quote:

“Can't take the rage anymore.”

'Disappeared' Quote:

“No emoji things.”

'Stargate Atlantis' Quotes:

“Dark world where a terrible enemy slept.”

“Great scourge.”

“Terrible weapons.”

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