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Book Review: Any Way The Wind Blows

Any Way The Wind Blows by Rainbow Rowell

The 3rd and final 'Simon Snow' book sees Simon making a determined effort to overcome not being the chosen one. There is a rumour what a new chosen one is out there. Also Baz and Simon try to figure out their relationship. There are huge reasons for Simon to have anxiety as his previous ambitions are up in smoke and his mentor is dead and he is living an alternate existence to what he expected. Is the new self declared chosen one sanctified? Why aren't Simon and co talking about the vampires in America? Are Simon's fears reasonable? There is love, conspiracy and a sorta happy ending. This was okay but Agatha is still useless.

Best Lines:

“Worse than a fluke – a plot.”

“Married badly.”

“Most magicians would rather let some mystical saviour solve their problems.”

“Properly creepy basement.”

“Lived their lives by prophecy.”

“Even the best of us are the worst.”

“When have you ever protected anything good?”

“I worry about what he'll move on to.”

“When did magicians stop doing anything worth writing down or repeating?”

“Of adventure, of high stakes, and glory-”

“I was foretold.

I still am.”

“Almost nothing you say is reassuring.”

“(How many history books is Penelope going to end up in? And for how many reasons?)

“Cursed with usefulness.”

“Did you rob your own mother's grave?”

“Like the lead singer of a band who resnets how popular his music is with teenage girls.”

“Simon Snow is the mage's heir.

He was.

All along.”

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