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Movie Reviews: Blood Red Sky + Wild Things: Foursome

Blood Red Sky (2021)

Terrorists hijack an overnight transatlantic flight. This isn't 'Bad Attiudes'! Dominic Purcell of 'Prison Break' and 'Legends Of Tomorrow' has a cameo. This seems to be dubbed. This was a universal disappointment. There is tragic loss and no steadying hand. There is no compelling response.

Drama is not captivatingly evident. People are laughably suspicious grievances and behaviour. Things get rabid and tacky. Motives are distorted. This was fairly desperate and shoddy. A mother is extremely hostile and a vampire. This was unappealing. This is no pivotal repercussive event.

Super hateful baddies attack. This was an oddly entertaining affair. This was not exquistely crafted or deeply serious. There is no element of intrigue. The vampire mom quells baddies and beats up the jackass baddies. There is no fulfillment. There is gore and members of the flight crew are in on the vague plot. The cast is made up of Germans and Yanks. What is the motive of the violently crazy baddies?

There is volatility. There is UV light and no far reaching consequences. There is squalor. A kid is in peril. There is no propriety. There are endless bloody flashbacks. The ending is a downer, there is much death. The baddies are a noisy coterie of nutjobs with alarming levels of loopiness. Why is there a car in the cargo hold? The poor dogs in the hold. Why are people firing guns on a plane?

There are no ethical guidelines. There is challenging behaviour. This was ineffective. How does the vampire's wig stay on as long as it does? The baddies are adamant jerks given to diatribes. There is frustration and a misunderstood & maligned final guy. Devastating consequences need to be avoided.

This was quite bad with many dreadful failings. This was chaotic and tumultuous with no credibility. This was ill-received. People turn into more vampires. This was unnecessary and unwarranted. This was inadequate and full of bad acting.

Best Line:

“Stop it you psycho!”

Wild Things: Foursome (2010)

We're back in Blue Bay with shots copied and the exact same score. Women wear tiny outfits and have no morals. The acting is bad. Has-beens and no talents star. A slacker's rich daddy dies while taking part in motor racing (?). There are false accusations and sex scenes. Everybody is plotting and nobody can act. There are double crosses and death.

The 'twist' ending makes no sense at all. This is like a shot by shot remake of the 1998 original. The exploding boat is the worst vfx in the franchise.

Best Lines:

“My money's everywhere bitch!”

“Slumming it as usual.”

“Tried to make out with a beer keg.”

“Finished in Blue Bay!”

“Very popular with the boys in the yard!”

“Silly swamp girls.”

"She's a bad crook."

Wild Things: Foursome (2010) - Posters — The Movie Database (TMDb)

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