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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Riverdale' 5x11 promo


'Only Murders In The Building' trailer

“Badly delivered, but a good line.”

'Golden Girls & The Guardians Of The Gemstones' (1985) promo

The dolls are so ugly!

'Orange Is The New Black' promo

“Called Taylor Swift.”

'Motherland Fort Salem' 2x07 promo


'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' trailer

YES! Looks awesome!

'Woodstock '99' trailer


'The Watch' promo


Ratatouille – nice.

Who read 'The Bridesmaids'?

My ex was very trusted. My ex caused immeasurable loss.

Another 'Exorcist' sequel?

'Birdgirl' Quotes:

“You pay cash for things just so someone will touch you.”

“Made zero impression on anyone, anywhere, ever!”

'The Suicide Squad' Quote:

“Supervillains. Sad souls in costumes wanting you to think they're all dark and deep. What's it like, living life as a punchline?”

'American Housewife' Quotes:

“My food isn't plated properly.”

“Stop moming.”

“Are you ever at your own home?!?”

“Put my ear to the sewer and wait for the morning's 1st flush.”

“Poor people stuff.”

“My generation has no patience.”

“I don't usually care for you.”

“Urine soaked field.”

“You drink tap water which is just like drinking out of the toilet.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Catastrophic harm.”

“Failure to care.”

“Historic horrors.”

“Appeared to become irritated.”

“Forgotten fiction.”

“Intimidated into silence.”

“Hated political class.”

“Foreign combat troops.”

“Endless and protracted use of seclusion.”

“Pain compliant.”

“Maturity of decision making.”


“Not halted.”

“Media targeting.”

“Actions it.”

'Killer Siblings' Quotes:

“Some form of violence.

“Not going to end very well.”

“Never peace in the house.”

“Wasn't much of a future.”

“Neither of the brothers could land jobs or keep jobs.”

“Met with extreme hostility.”

“Light bars.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“The legend he's become now;”

“It couldn't be more different from what I had planned.”

“Determine our look and reactions to various situations and realities.”



“Maliciously made up claims.”

“Generated distrust.”

“Public nuisance.”

“Decisions were made that should never have been made.”

“Terrible wrongs.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Ruin every damn weekend I have.”

“Come get your bastard son!”

“Comedy school.”

'Harley Quinn' Quotes:

“I've been hurt by the best.”

“My parents weren't too fond of me.”

“The one with the song raises some decent points.”

“You're cheap and you've got a pulse.”

“Tough to take notes when you're getting murdered.”

“People aren't worth saving.”

“Joker lied. Suprising no-one.”

'An Unexpected Killer' Quote:

“What changed his mind and his heart toward her.”

'Any Way The Wind Blows' Quotes:

“That man's capacity for violence and vengeance.”

“She could only parrot his paranoia and prophecy.”

“Where do you find these tragic morons?”

“How bored do you have to be to do terrible things for the sake of having a secret?”



“The daft and the gormless...”

“Were you never actually plotting against me?”

“The whole school revolved around you and your friends.”

“Did you pay attention to anyone?”

“We all believed you were kidnapped...the first time.”

“Your dysfunction is a full-time job.”

“Can you bleed faster?”

“Far less innocent.”

“They think Jamie was always a lost cause, and that he finally met a bad end.”

'Bad Girls' Quote:

“Bloody rubbish place.”

'Night Caller' Quotes:

“The whole state against us.”

“His whole life had disappeared.”

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