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Gold-Diggers (2019-?) 1x01+Arrow 1x21&1x22 Rewatch+Supergirl 6x05 Reviewed

Gold-Diggers (2019-?) 1x01

This is a Russian drama that is subtitled and full of T&A. This was sleazy and not so engrossing. This was full of breathtaking depravity. Rich men and their bimbo mistresses have warped modes of thought. Every aspect of the rich men's lives revolves around the concept of domination: architecture, the economy, language, music, clothing – it's all about domination.

There is endless porno sex with everyone greased up and grunting. Marina has a very fancy apartment and no obvious source of income. She drinks for breakfast and is a bimbo. She has a lover named Kir who never wears clothes and who has a married lover on the side.

Nobody is faithful. There is a fancy bathrub. Kir is a kept man. A snarky prim and proper woman named Dasha has her own agenda. Marina thinks Dasha is her friend, she isn't. Marina's entire life is funded by her married lover Igor. He has a glacial wife and an unseen mean FIL. Dasha blows up Marina's life with a sex tape and Marina does not know. Dasha is a school friend of Marina and she has a long standing grudge. Dasha has a husband named Boris who lurks. A cop named Lena has a husband who is wildly creepy perv teacher. The teacher has it off with a fat mouthed mini skirted student who has psychoticeness.

Everybody is shagging. Lena has car sex with her cop partner. Marina is found dead in a toilet. Who killed her? How was she shot and nobody heard? There is no CSI. How did Boris get into the fancy club where Marina was killed if the club was so exclusive? Lena's cop partner is named Max. Lena and Max work for CID. There is singing and Dasha chats up Igor. Lena dances. This was so male gazey. Does Dasha want Igor for herself?

There is a whiteboard of mystery. Men wear tight underpants. Women roll around in overly white sheets. Lena's husband is named Lyosh. Dasha is arrested. This goes on and on. Divorce papers are served in a big glass house.

Best Lines:

“I promise I'll send money for the kids.”

“Still life with herring.”

“With the flat, I'm buying you.”

“Whose mistress was she?”

“You're getting money.”

“No danger of that.”

“My Igor.”

“Arse like a nut.”

“Do you love me?”

“Very much.”

“Ring me. Kiss. Kiss.”

“He won't be seen with me.”

“Ungrateful git.”

“You work?”

“Well, sort of.”

“Good acting courses aren't cheap.”

“Call me if you're lonely.”

“Call me a taxi. A decent one.”

“But I'm not bitter.”

“Glamour girl.”

“It's an important corpse. Bye.”

The Undertaking

One now judges this show through the lens of Stephen Amell flipping out on a plane. Diggle has quit, Oliver won't apologise. Oliver was disgusting. Moira was disgusting. I'm waiting for the behind the scenes stories on John Barrowman. Despair comes in waves. There are flashbacks to Malcolm and other evil rich people plotting. Oliver refuses to accept those who don't conform to his will.

Oliver has no regret or loss about destroying his friendship with Tommy over a golddigging cheap piece of ass like Laurel. Tommy dumped Laurel for her emotional affair with Oliver. Now she is flirting with Oliver instead of apologising to Tommy. She's a disappointment. Does Oliver fix things? No, never. There is no angst or foreboding. This was not ominiously prescient. Oliver slept with Laurel's sister – get some damn dignity Laurel!

Laurel is a whore and this was a disappointment. Felicity goes undercover. This goes badly wrong and fails to perform. Malcolm is an extraordinarily difficult men and a negligent husband and father. Why didn't Rebecca ring for an ambulance after being shot instead of her useless hubby? Oliver has hostile opposition to everyone. Laurel brings out the worst in him. There are ethical dilemmas. Laurel is just the worst. What job is Tommy doing at Merlyn Global? Oliver has a lack of morals. Oliver caused devastation and makes value judgements. There are early hints of Moira and Robert's love children. Robert had implicit acceptance of the undertaking. As did Moira.

Moira does 'distraught' and bad acting. There is agonising and no resilience. Oliver is triumphalist in his crap. Oliver beats up those who he condemned as morally wrong. Oliver's espousal of his fascist virtures annoys. Oliver just discarded Tommy's friendship like it was nothing.

This was appalling. There is a maelstrom of murderous drama. The undertaking was not a recent inspiration. Moira knew and did nothing. There is no philosophising. This was improbable. Laurel was a meticulous gold digger with Oliver and his bad flashback wig. In flashback Laurel asked Oliver to move in with her and he ran off with Sara in response. The bad acting escalates. Oliver played his mom and she played him.

Moira being dodgy comes as a revelation to Oliver. He is so pretentious and not a well mannered nice boy. Oliver entreaties. Walter is saved. There is a vague furore. This is an unhappy adventure. This was a disaster. Oliver is all je ne regrette rien. Oliver is notably disordered. Malcolm's solution to the low income is to kill them all. Robert was betrayed by Frank.

We see a bad VFX boat. Oliver is trash. All Laurel cares about is her fanny flutters over Oliver.

Best Lines:

“5 years away from prototype.”

“Casino has its own private army.”

“I can't imagine Malcolm.”


“Preventing this horror.”

“Pizza guy can't break a hundred!”

“Your father threatened to taser me.”

“Planning something, something terrible.”

Darkness On The Edge Of Town

There is outrage and conspiracies. Oliver makes a deliberate challenge. Malcolm inciting others to murder is his skill. The Dark Archer kills people. Malcolm does deliberate indiscriminate attacks. Oliver ignores the visibly upset Tommy. How is Malcolm driving a car in his Dark Archer costume? There is exposition, chaos and entropy.

Oliver has an obvious agenda. There are social ills. Laurel does anarchic defiance. Oliver does dereliciton of friendship. Malcolm has an awesome machinery of evil. There is no endless nuance. Oliver tries to avert the undertaking but first he has to bone Laurel! There are more island flashbacks that nobody cares about.

Oliver condones, denies, grossly trivialises or tries to justify his crappy treatment of Tommy. He never apologised, ever! Baddies on the island were trying to shoot down an airliner. Lance is the only cop in Starling City. This was dysfunctional. Malcolm is corrupt and self interested. This was inadequate and chaotic. The Markov device is mentioned. What's an unclaimed line? There is product placement and an adventure at Merlyn Global. Oliver sets up his mom. Diggle's voice is obvious. Who builds an earthquake device? Seriously?!? This was misjudged.

Oliver disappointed Tommy and their relationship soured and Oliver didn't care. Nobody is congenial. Moira is not wary or cautious. Moira did intend all of this to happen and she was a willing part of it. Nobody is pragmatic. Oliver's strategy = doomed. If Oliver had just talked to Tommy, there could have been a clarifying moment. John Barrowman's bad hairdye is obvious. Laurel snots. It is gravely disquieting how Oliver is obsessed with the Laurel and the imposition she is.

Laurel and her face full of filler is all about herself. Lance embiggens Oliver. Felicity, Oliver and Diggle do a mission in Merlyn Global and hack it, badly. What became of Merlyn Global and all the people who worked there? There is no re-engagement with this show. Why didn't Oliver just talk to Tommy? There is no constructive discussion. What are Tommy's role and responsibilities in Merlyn Global? Why is Oliver angry at Tommy?!?

Oliver never included Tommy. Roy lurks. Oliver is sustained and violent. Thea whines. There is bad acting. Walter leaves. Oliver has violent rhetoric toward Tommy for some reason. There's no mutual resentment between Tommy and Oliver, because Oliver caused the ongoing divide.

This was disappointing. Oliver tells Tommy to fix things with Laurel and then shags her in front of him. Oliver plans to quit being a serial killing vigilante. He's a deluded fool. Oliver and Malcolm wield their power through fear. Tommy has suffered trespass after trespass by Laurel and Oliver. This was silly. Oliver tells Laurel he's been flirting with her since 1x01. Man whore!

Oliver says Laurel knows him better than anyone and that she is more important than anyone. Way to crap on Tommy – you vile POS. The spectre of the past lurks. Oliver won't ease concerns. This was not harrowing. This was a lot of nonsense and there is no poignant scenes.

There is no de-escalation and this was a massive disappointment. Why is Yao Fei speaking English in the video in flashback? Then he dies. Oliver is not riven with shame for causing bad situations. Oliver confronts Malcolm. His hopes of quitting are dashed. Oliver made horrifying and devastating choices. Oliver made no attempt to reconcile. Oliver tried to kill Tommy's dad! Malcolm does an arrow catch and there is underlit dirty fighting.

Best Lines:

We're all old friends.”

“My mom and my best friend's dad.”

“Yum. English food.”

“Don't have the luxury of indulging in vendettas.”

“What is all this for?”

“Won't be landing anywhere.”

“Psychopaths are colour coding themselves now.”

“We haven't seen the copycat in quite a while.”

“I knew your good judgement could be counted on.”

“Your assassin wasn't too subtle.”

“The other archer works for Merlyn?”

“No one can trace the devastation back to him.”

“Merlyn can get his.”

“He led Sara to her death.”

“What exactly do you do here?”

“I work closely with my father.”

“You don't have a few more seconds.”

“Divorce is an extreme reaction.”

“Needs what is about to happen.”

“Righteous delivery of powerful vengeance.”

Prom Night

Alex went to Standford! In this new world Kara's schoolfriend was not murdered. Nia and Brainy head back to Midvale. It is 2009 and  a recast Cat Grant is there. Alex is jealous and whiny. Shut up you vile bitch. Melissa Benoist does not appear on her own show. Baddies lurk. Nia says she doesn't talk to her sister. Cat Grant wants to outshine Lois Lane. Brainy does not look like a high school student. Alex is a horrible bitch. History is changed. Nia sings. This was crap. Nia and Brainy are in peril.

Best Lines:

“Stop super-ing.”

“You are the tenor our glee club needs!”

“Old man Watson's barn.”

“Rube filled wasteland.”

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