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Mighty Morphin Issue 9 Reviewed

There are endless flashbacks. Is beardy the big bad? Matt uses his ranger duties to get out of schoolwork and lickarse teachers. Matt loves to show off and be petty. How much longer will this Matt crap go on? Zordon is pissed at Billy. Matty is too rude to learn Zordon's name. Zordon wants Billy off the team. Zordon claims moral superiority. Mmmm.

Best Lines:

“There should be some consequences.”

“Once that bond is broken, it is nearly impossible to repair.”

“This is our last line of defense.”

“Your courage and bravery is heralded across the stars.”

“Eltarians claim to be champions of the innocent and defenders of enlightenment, But......I learned the truth about you long ago. You're conquerors. Invanders hiding behind a sword of order and a shield of peace.”

“That's not true.”

“Really? Have you ever seen that your kind does to the worlds who disagree with your notion of progress?”

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