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Trailer, Quotes & Stuff

'Five Bedrooms' promo

“Actually not as stupid as it sounds.”

Does my ex have any justifiable reason for not wanting me around anymore? His non attachment shocks. My ex lacked dedication.

I want a solid gold polished band ring with Edwardian 0,7ct lab diamond and a solid gold necklace with Edwardian bezel diamond. I want a bubble pitcher.

What's yogurt ice cream?

'My Unorhodox Life' – no.

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Nocturnal changes.”

“Less disruptive.”

“Surrounded by our enemies.”

“Emerged from the wreckage.”

“Behave so terribly?”

“I am the victim of a plot.”

“Web of intrigue.”

“Before meeting a glorious death in battle is woven into state folklore.”

“Who get's to tell the nation's history.”

“Questioned the motives and actions of the supposed heroes.”

“Pours scorn.”

“Unresolved past.”

“Just how embedded the narrative has become.”

“Life-changing wounds.”

“Attackers are present.”

“Driven mistrust.”

“Neurological rehab.”

“Clot shot.”

“Bra money.”

“Openly admits to cunning deceits.”

“Disturbing aspect.”


“Immediately obvious to the reader what he or she is buying.”

“Vexed question.”

“Visual allure.”

“Synonymous with scandal.”

“Revenge writing.”

“Dispense with their ego, and sometimes their dignity.”

“To listen to and believe them-”

“Relics of travel.”

“Pointless and directionless days.”

“Hurl up his dinner behind a dustbin.”


“Fatal incident.”

“Years of hurt.”

“The looks she would get.”

“Laughter has been weaponised.”

“I didn't come this far to end up on Tik Tok.”

“What constitutes their art.”

“Sadistic posho.”

“Doesn't end brilliantly for them.”

“Searching for the spotlight.”

“The sad phenomenon of “The artist's wife”. These wretched creatures – the cinderellas of creativity.”

“Terrible realities.”


“People he thought nobody would ever listen to.”

“Aim was self-erasure.”

“Social responsibility.”

“Those who seek to define and own him.”

“Refuses to be explained or understood.”

“Colony hubs.”

“Serious infestations ignored or unseen for many years – even decades.”

“Grimy cut-up VHS aesthetic.”

'Business Post Magazine' Quotes:

“Rationalising aloud.”

“Predicts the death of an old world in apocalyptic terms.”

“Leather-clad psychopaths.”

“Unethical implications.”

“Created from the seed of a real diamond.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Smoke shading.”

“Such an effort to have anyone hear me.”

'Expedition Unknown' Quotes:

“Circus bondage gear.”

“Hose duty.”

“These are not happy days.”

“Not shortage of unpopular monarchs.”

“Loyal sidekicks.”

“Fixture of folklore.”

“Most notorious job title in the world.”

“Historically unremarkable.”

“For fools and traitors: nothing.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Retreat behind closed doors to discuss the future of their nations.”

“Negative and devaluing message.”

“Show good intent.”

“Make social life unpleasant.”

“Chaotic scenes.”

“Flames so intense that they are creating their own weather patterns capable of sparking new fires.”

“Weaponising fear.”

“Provoke paranoia.”

“Normal rules of behaviour in society have been long abandoned.”

“Failed to properly engage with objections.”

“Special care sealed room,”

“Vitriolic anger.”

“Moral learning.”

“Thier profession is disposable...”

'Suicide Squad' Quotes:

“Witches, gangbangers and crocodiles.”

“Don't forget about the Joker's girlfriend.”

“I have the witch's heart and Dr Moone has his.”

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