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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Hollyoaks' promo

Summer? James dances.

'I Am Victoria' promo


'Stillwater' tv spot


'Limetown' promo

A letdown.

'Blood Red Sky' promo

A hijack, Dominic Purcell and is one passenger a vampire?

'Nine Perfect Strangers' trailer


Mint cremes- okay.

My ex made a conscious choice. My ex caused aching emptiness. My ex caused searing pain and ignores the profundity of my loss. He is unutterably painful to recall.

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Armed himself with a butterknife.”

“Contributed to the hostile atmosphere.”

“Refugee team.”

'Channel 4 News' Quote:

“Games of hope.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Endangering her power.”

“Nowhere here to to rent anymore,”

“Where did they get the money?”

“But to whom did their power and property pass?”

“A distressingly textbook example of a man transfixed with his own power, motivated by absolute control over those who joined him.”

“Glorified and normalised.”

“Horrendous imagery and horrendous ideas.”

“Nobody spoke to her, or acknowledged her.”

“Sex Cult Girl.”

“Dreadful exmpale.”


“Showboating, urine-drinking ways.”

“Sleeping in a bus shelter.”

“Occasional Aquaman nemesis.”

“Sacral moment.”

“Deluded fantasies in space.”

“De facto schismatics.”


“Miserable and poisonous.”

“Malicious complaints.”

“Deliberately omitted.”

“His memory remains,”

“His memory is everywhere.”

“Treasured glimpse.”

'Medical Detectives' Quote:

“Filled with deep hostility.”

'Who Killed The Lyons Sisters?' Quotes:

“Somebody my father told me to stay away from.”

“Who you chose to believe.”

'An Unexpected Killer' Quotes:

“Orange shorts society.”

“Who normally kills you?”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Tough existence.”

“Lacking in love.”

“Much to admire if little to enjoy.”

“Air of misery.”

“Won't be troubling the oscars or even the baftas.”

“Found more distasteful than 'The Human Centipede'.”

“Totally unhinged.”

“Biker gang trial witness.”

“Nearing the end of his reign.”

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