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STDS9 2x08+Prodigal Son 2x07+Limetown 1x08 Reviewed 👎👎👎🎂🍾🍾🌽🌽🌽

Necessary Evil

There are flashbacks to the days when the Cardassians occupied what was then called Terok Nor. Odo was complicit with the Cardassians and later the Dominion. Nobody ever has a word of concern about this. This ep was overdone neo-noir.

Odo never apologised for the complicitity. Quark plots. Odo is completely and utterly scathing toward Kira at the end, it was forgotten as was her onslaught of outrage toward him in the Dominion war days. Odo never did reparative work.

Odo was told by Dukat during the occupation to investigate the murder of a Bajoran named Vaatrik. Odo picks up his justice skills easily as part of his inborn Founder need to impose order. The Cardassians were terribly dangerous. This was not an unexpectedly deep exploration of a heartbreaking and terrifying time.

The occupation was a terribly dangerous time. There were weaponised allegations, Kira faced scrutiny for the murder of Vaatrik and this was completely hopeless. Quark is designing and artful in the present. The past is full of dark elements. Rom's an idiot. This was frustrating and dumb and mannered and tries to be nitty gritty. Bashir has staff in this ep. The Terok Nor days were so dark.

One has low frustration tolerance for this.What's the Cardassian neck trick Odo does? Odo was made an investigator by Dukat – did he get paid? This was clumsily written and fumbling and about as subtle as Herr Flick. Odo never solved the murder in the past so what happened regarding Dukat's threat to kill some random Bajorans?

This was completely ridiculous. This was not delightfully unhinged. The murder was a non solvable problem because Odo misjudged how good of a liar Kira was. Odo overlooks the cruel and unusual conditions of the occupation. In the past Kira had long hair. Dukat had adverse impacts on people. Why does Kira wear a catsuit in the present day? The flashbacks are to 5 years ago. Who tied up the station and relit it after the Cardassians left?

Odo has disquiet. Odo is furious at the possibility that Kira did kill Vaatrik. Odo uncovers malicious people. This was not epochal. Cruel treatment is shrugged off. Odo should have a notorious reputation. The experience didn't mark them for the rest of their lives. This was a bitter disappointment. This was a fiasco. Nobody is rational. This was self indulgent antics. People are unpleasant people. There is communal suffering and absurdly partisan statements.

Odo's log = noir voiceover. There is no moral foundation just an incompetent handling of fradulent claims. There are fundamental disagreements and perfidious intent and a blue filter. There is pretence and hypocrisy and a shocking lack of honesty. There is a misleading appearance of common ground. This is an ep no one asked for. There is a loosening grip on relevance.

There is sheer desperation. Odo scorns collabrators – he was one, twice! The occupation was a fraught period. There was collusive behaviour and escalating catastrophe and there is talk of the Cardassian and Bajoran currencys. Odo has abrasiveness.

Kira and Odo lost all legitmacy and credibility in turn. This was not influential. There is no noble pursuit. Odo overlooked the dire conditions on the occupied station. This was so sober and serious. Odo = intolerable. There are legacy issues. This was conceptually flawed. Vitriol flies. There are clear eyed gazes. This was not auspicious. There are hints of future plots.

What happened to the stabbed security guard? The killer was going to try and smother Quark? So much for the devastating revealtion at the end - it was forgotten. People are not virtuous. Kira is shrill. Odo is inflexible. There is no non-reversibity of choices. There is a furore and furious reactions. Quark is megalomaniacal. Civic rot goes on.

Best Lines:

“Law enforecement affairs.”

“Don't you touch anything ever, ever again!”

“Wives serve, brothers inherit.”

“You're not as stupid as you look.”

“200 degrees in the shade.”


“In a manner of speaking.”

“Cardassian neck trick.”

“May I be honest with you?”

“That might be helpful.”

“Why are men like that?”

“Patience is a lost virtue to most.”

“The one that Quark got out of the wall.”

“Is that some sort of sexual reference?”

“Ways of getting their information.”

“Federation doctors.”

“Not even a Ferengi would do that.”

“Selling out their own world for a profit.”

“I'm in the Bajoran underground.”

“What you think of me matters a lot.”

“The Ferengi holds on to life like it's gold pressed latinum.”

“My bar.”

“He's not dead yet Rom.”

Face Value

Catherine Zeta-Jones is a showkiller. Alan Cumming is in this briefly. A woman is botoxed to death. Jessica's never before mentioned sister shows up. There are nefarious agendas. Pyscho dad is made a janitor in the loony bin hospital. CZJ has a filler filled face.

Bright's sister is dumb. Jessica's sister is writing a tell all book. The sister is vile, vile, vile. A body is found. This was terrible, I don't get the point of this.

Best Lines:

“Murder stuff.”

“I was just trying to help.”




Marlee Matlin shows up. Fury erupted due to the telepathy implant. Lia's awful.

Best Line:

“What is it that you are retreating from?”

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