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Six Degrees Eps 6 & 7 Reviewed

What You Wish For

This drama is supposed to involve a group of people who’ve never met. But who all share chance meetings that will change their lives forever. If this series is meant to explore how the ripples f their interlocking stories spread far over the main characters, their families and friends. It isn’t working.

Steven denies he is dating Anya so his shrill, shrew wife (Carey Lowell of ‘Licence to Kill’) will let him have his son for a few days. Damian’s car is stolen and he buys an engagement ring. Carlos finds out Damian has a past. Steven is offered a Vanity Fair cover but his vile kid whines, passes out sexy photos of Anya that Steven took at school, gets suspended and programmes his dad’s phone with a ‘Star Wars’ ring tone.

Laura gets promoted and gets a blood foe. Whitney’s selfish. Regina says she will marry Damian. Max, Steven and Anya have an uncomfortable dinner. This was dull.

Slings and Arrows

Laura gets a date but after she freaks out, he runs. The reason for her freak out? She saw Steven’s photo of her in a gallery and stole it off the wall. Roy returns to be smug and bug Whitney. Damian’s life falls apart. Carlos asks him to confess to the shooting. Steven annoys and justifies his photographing Laura while she was sobbing over her dead husband. Regina doesn’t want to know Damian. Whitney fake dates Steven but Roy is self righteous and unapologetic. This was dull; I think I’ll exit this show at this point.

Best Lines:
“I’m allergic to gluten.”
“Who isn’t these days?”

“You’re making that up.”
“I wish I had the imagination.”

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