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Supergirl 6x04+Star Trek 1x23+STVOY 2x21+Limetown 1x07 Reviewed 👎👎👎👎

Lost Souls
People talk way too fast about crap you don't care about. This was fundamentally useless and full of absolute morons. Lena overlooks how Alex tried to kill her. TPTB overlook what an awful shrew Alex was in 1x01. Lena talks and acts like she is on happy pills. A friend turns out to be evil, like duh. This was so badly written. Dreamer dramtically declares they have to go back in time. Did Kara's dad die? Oh who cares?

Best Lines:

“Only the righteous can activate.”

“I was wrong to have hoped.”

“Depower the prime phantom.”

“Punish everyone who didn't stand by me.”

“A dougnut cannot be there for you!”

A Taste Of Armageddon

This franchise is oddly comforting nostalgia. An ambassador and 2 planet's 500 year old endangers the ship. This was irritating.

Best Lines:

“Originally settled by our people, now a ruthless enemy.”

“Activate the attack units.”

“Just walk into a distintergation machine?”


Recall Ensign Wildman and how she was phased out of the show and replaced by her soap opera rapid aging daughter? Wildman's daughter is born and there is peril. Janeway does her weird line delivery. The idiot Vidiians attack. Harry and the baby both die in this ep but are replaced by their doppelgangers from a double of Voyager. Nobody ever mentions this again. The baby has spinal ridges that lodge in its mother's womb. Ouch. The docor and Kes react to the ship lurching before the lurch happens. The doctor does his weird line reading. There is technobabble. This was terrible.

Best Line:

“My wife was in labour for 96 hours.”

Acceptable Loss

Lia is the worst, the worst! Lia attacks a co-worker. This was so bad.

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