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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Deceit' promo


'One Of Us Is Lying' teaser


'Limetown' 1x08 promo


'Star Trek Discovery' season 1 promo

I miss Lorca.

'The Widower' promo


'Snake Eyes' trailer

A new Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and Baroness. Scarlett? A Cobra logo.

'Malignant' trailer

An imaginary friend kills people?

'The Last Duel' trailer

Adam Driver. A duel. Beards. Yes.

Best Lines:

“Judged and shamed by my country.”

“Unspeakable charge.”

“Let god decide.”

“Your wife will suffer dire consequences.”

Dairy & gluten free vegan Burnt Sugar + Orange Bitters + Irish Whiskey chocolate – yum.

I'll review 'Any Way The Wind Blows' and 'The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes'.

Who saw 'Man Bites Dog'?

My ex has unconcern. My ex was thoughtless and purposely cruel and caused a deeply painful situation. I feel resentment. My ex = vile and appalling and has insensitivity and I've a sense of grievance.

Whatever happened to Eurosport?

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Wrong assumptions.”

“Still closed to us.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Hidden for half a century.”

“Erased from pop culture history.”

“The definitive documents.”

“Take my hand precious lord.”

“No one was interested.”

“Drive by the voice of his jacket.”

“Heading off into the mountains.”

“Horror action cheapie.”

“12 hours of murderous lawlessness are offically sanctioned.”

“Targets for attack.”

“Worshipping guns, sedition and segregation.”

“The future is now.”

“Message may not be subtle.”

“Popcorn thrills.”

“Opposite end of the dramatic spectrum.”

“Melancholy drama.”

“Impossible task.”

“Mawkishly sentimental.”

“Little dramatic padding.”

“Increasingly insane.”

“Killer dress riffs.”

“Mouth of madness.”

“Invested in his twisted endeavours.”

“Face to face with the future.”


“In search of their tomorrow.”

“I'm watching birds!”

“In my day we didn't stare at birds, we fought them!”

“Let me live my life!”

“Careens evenly.”

“Weaponised punch monkeys. Really.”

“Laugh wryly.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Not celebrating the olympics, it is suffering them.”

“Interfering in the sampling process.”

“Soaking up their success.”

“Demand a military intervention.”

“Disparaging terms.”

“Once the genre to beat,”

“Views the decision gravely.”

“Turn humanity into a space-borne civilisation.”

“Lost much public support.”

“Degrading and abusive treatment.”

“Contradicts all that is good about our role and reputation in the world.”

“Snide and ill-timed.”

“Vast eating and drinking emporium.”

“A nuisance that has to be kept in order.”

“A level of cooperation and mutual kindness.”

“A part of Ireland that Irish people barely inhabit.”

“Dark forces beyond our ken.”

“Public creed.”

“Ask for inclusion.”

“Hated the world.”

“How bad everything is.”

“You're nothing to us,”

“Career-related issues.”

“Notable absence-”

“Earnest political debate.”

“Deny him infamy.”

“Your ideas don't count.”

“Sacrosanct emblem.”

“Sailed against the claims.”

“Suppress dissent.”

“Throw their muddy contents onto the even muddier street outside.”

“Neither question nor comment was welcome.”

“Perpetuation of unnecessary and unfounded negative public contributions.”

“Glorification of criminality.”

“Aggravate the situation.”

“Watched by the state.”

“Attracted a significant amount of public criticism.”

“Makes American movies about the Americans you never see in movies.”

'Women Behind Bars' Quotes:

“Buy hay for Joe's farm animals.”

“Saw the world as a hell.”

“Multiple male friends.”

“The next thing I knew the house blew up.”

“Never made her feel like she belonged in his family.”

“I don't talk about my children because I gave them up.”

'Dateline' Quotes:

“Media long obsolete.”

“Horrible in a way that would go down in history.”

“Unshakeable hold.”

“Ugly theories.”

“Overkill would be an understatement.”

'Harley Quinn' Quotes:

“Changed your diapers, when you were in a coma.”

“I am the shadow that haunts your darkness!”

“Repay you for years of torment.”

“Pedestrian platitudes.”

“I was born in hell and I demand respect!”

'Dollface' Quotes:

“Nasty women unite!”

“Looks based positive feedback.”

“Exit the rental toilet.”

“Non-optional word.”

'Dispatches' Quotes:

“As far as we legally dare.”

“Their word is not enough.”

“I'm not allowed to know.”

“The shame of our time.”

“Stoop so low.”

Dominic Cummings Quotes:

“Doesn't know how to be prime minister.”

“Take legal responsibility.”

“Get crucial things done.”

'Evidence Of Evil' Quote:

“Outcome would not be in your favour.”

'Medical Detectives' Quote:

“Dripping Springs Texas.”

The Last Duel' Trailer: Let's Talk About the Hair in 'The Last Duel' | GQ

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