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Batwoman 2x13 + Sophie: A Murder In West Cork 1x03 + Star Trek 1x22 Reviewed

I'll Give You A Clue

This fails to deliver any real drama. Jacob has ego dissolution and fulmination. This is not deliriously enjoyable or propulsive or profoundly serious. The founding text is ignored. There is grandiose blather and forumulaic tropes and fanciful delusions and violence. I feel profound scorn for this show full of idiots with profound personality defects. This was unbelievably bad as Black Mask wants anarchy and mayhem or something.

Ryan rants about how the Crows suck at their job. This is of little interest. Alice asks Jacob for help. Sophie has a nemesis? Sophie is the worst and a glory hog/stealer. Stephanie Brown aka Spoiler makes her live action debut. Alice vibes violent and knows 'Circe' is new Kate. I miss Ruby Rose.

The real Circe was killed in the Arkham breakout. Kate is covered in horrific burns. Mary whines and bigs up Sophie. Mary points out how Jacob lost both of his wives, Alice and Kate. Poor widdle Jacob.

Best Lines:

“Limited success with my vengeance schemes.”

“Earned my dad's affection.”

“You have our father's eyes.”


Bailey looks like a lunatic. He's unimaginably awful. The case has complexities. The darkest moments keep coming. Bailey is a narcissistic psychopath. The case investigation is unnutterable folly. The murder had a terrible impact. Bailey is critiquing the police's every move. There is something off and wrong about him. He is seriously hateful. The case has awful consequences. Bailey fosters unpleasantness. Bailey has reckless fearlessness about being awful.

Bailey confessed murdering Sophie to numerous people many times. Women moved away as they were scared of Bailey. Sophie's family slate the DPP. Years pass and Bailey is not charged. He has hubris. Bailey's violence against Jules is discussed. The dire Bailey waves it off, won't discuss it and says it was all Jules' fault.

Sophie's family are commited to justice. There is a deleterious pattern and wilful blindness by and of the DPP. Bailey is living miserably. Bailey gets away with it into the foreseeable future – it is surreal and eerie how he has got away with it.

Bailey's failed lawsuits are discussed. A witness walked out of court. Who is paying for his legal representation and legal costs? Bailey loses all his legal battles. The DPP are ineffective. Does the maltreatment of Jules go on? The DPP are nonchalant about Bailey. The French try Bailey in absentia and he is convicted. The DPP refuse to extradite him, Bailey won that one. Witnesses testified at his trial, the Sheridan documentary claimed they didn't. Bailey wears shorts and shouts his crap poetry. There are precipitous events. The DPP never charged Bailey for assaulting Jules and dismissed accounts of his many assaults of her. A depressingly familiar picture. This was okay. Jules has finally left him. I have no sympathy for her.

Best Lines:

“Solitary, thoughtful.”

“She loved Irish poetry.”

“Howling weirdo.”

“Thinking stick.”

“Commune with the moon.”

“Story told to me, I presume it's true.”

“Went into a complete meltdown.”

“No one wanted to be filmed for national tv.”

“Ran screaming from the house.”

“Locals brave enough to say it.”

“Go badly for him.”

“Long past.”

“Could be worse next time.”

“Bring this trial upon himself.”

“Varied so often...couldn't be believed.”

“Terrible deed.”

“Bouquet of indications.”

“Clear their land's name.”

“Can you explain to me why this man is free?”

“Tremendous trauma for the community.”

“Wearing only his jocks and a hat.”

Space Seed

Earth had a eugenics war and space travel by 2018 according to this ep. Khan debuts. He would be the big bad of 'Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan' which I do not like. Ricardo Montalban chews the scenery harder than Shatner which takes some doing.

Khan is a genetically enchanced superman and a war criminal. This evil overlord inspired a movie and a short story and books and comics. A female Starfleet officer acts like a whining child. Khan is exiled at the end but ends up with lasting power over Spock and Kirk in the movie. I am not that fond of this ep: the whole Khan threatening to murder McCoy at the start was ignored which led to Khan trying to murder everyone. I mean WTF?

Best Lines:

“Strange violent period in your history.”

“Bombed out of existence.”

“Refuses to accept death.”

“United spaceship Enterprise.”

“Learn what crop had sprung from the seed you planeted today.”

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