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Movie Review: Fear Street Part Three: 1666 (2021)

This is back in time to where it all began Ohio 1666. A colonial settlement turns into 'The Crucible'. Where there settlements in Ohio in 1666? The settlers speak in largely terrible Irish accents. A pig has 7 piglets. There is colonial paranoia and the origins of the curse are not what you think. There is mayhem and girls called Abigail and Constance.

Women end up being demonised. The narrative is janky but better than 1&2. This was reasonably entertaining. Sarah Fier is not much loved. Megalomaniac men lurk and plot and there is studio selling overkill. The Goode family lurk. The woods would become the site of Camp Nightwing and later Sunnydale Mall, oh progress. Sarah had a bratty brother too. There is a witch in the woods.

This was okay if not a delight. This was messy. So much potential was squandered with this trilogy. Oddballs become dangerously obsessed with witches. Things get perplexing and dark. This was not increasingly essential. This spins a yarn. There are pathetic enthusiasms for witchery. Foolish choices are made. There are unresponsive men and whining girls. The helium voiced woods witch isn't important.

In places this is terrible and unrealistic and generic. There is dark satanic business. There are no open and frank conversations. Sarah suffers indignities. Sarah's world is not full of possibilities. There is spite and self-loathing. This was interesting. Tantrummy bad boys are into toxic behaviour. This is a pivotal moment. Jerks are combative. This was not exciting. There is secret love and long standing problems.

This is a damp squib in places and insubstantial in others but okay in other places. Characters are vacuous. Men are irritating and worse than useless. Bad and vapid idiots panic at illness. There is emptiness. There is a rumbling row. A pastor turns into a nasty threat due to being made into the first pre-Shadyside psychokiller. There is unpleasant wickedness and no sincere co-operation.

The curse was all about discriminaiton. There is a sprawling fight, a squabble and consequences are clear. Sarah faces the worst case scenario and much greater danger lurks. There is a conflagration and rot and ruin and the poor piglets die. There are far reaching consequences and a poor dog. Blight is everywhere. This was ludicrous. Sarah makes herself a continuing menace to the real big bad. There is a catastrophic situation.

There is violent indignation and dark fasciantion and weirdly intense goings on. There are dread times and peverted biblical scripture. Sarah falls out of favour. Things go very badly as people are in panic mode. There was a theocracy and speculation is rife. The blight prompted speculation. Trouble was caused by an unsuspected big bad.

Belligerent types scream witchcraft. There is talk of corruption and people are psychologically disturbed and there is an outcry and fear mongering. There is mounting desperation and Sarah is increasingly besieged. She is inconsolable and faces coercive tools. This was underlit. Sarah makes chocies. There is a betrayal of trust and justice denied. Logic is wilfully ignored. Women are knowingly silenced.

There are anathemas and regrettable actions and distorted views. Public perception coloured misconceptions. There was populist group think and tragic consequences. There is terrible tragedy, disbelief, shock, despair, anger, awful grief, terrible sadness and bewilderment. There was an unreal nightmare and deliberate and callous chocies. Sarah Fier was not the source of the curse but she was the scapegoat.

People are dismissive and contemptuous. Serious harm was done. People had a lack of respect and value for Sarah. Events did not happen as history remembers them. Things became irrational and draconian. The whole terrible tale is revealed. There was a fake confession and folk devils and scarring impacts and a curse. This was insufficient. Some did care though about the human cost. Back in 1994 the terrible truth about Nick Goode is revealed.

Best Lines:

“Luck and a very sharp knife.”

“Cut your braids right off your head.”

“God knows what you are girl! You better pray for mercy.”

“Strangeness in you.”

“Bring me the axe.”

“Cast his darkness over us.”

“I was never normal.”

“Born wicked and strange.”

“You sound like Mad Thomas.”

“One does not summon the devil by chance.”

“Root out the guilty!”

“You have sinned!”

“Imagined curses.”

“We will not have mercy!”

“I led the devil here.”

“They think we're guilty, so we are.”

“Curse your name.”

“Bewitched the good pastor.”

“I will shadow you forever.”

“The truth shall be your curse.”

“Nothing good comes from those woods after sundown.”

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