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Day of the Triffids (2009) Part 2 Review

The main problem with this new adaptation is that the CGI waddling greenery isn’t intrinsically scary. Bill and Coker end up at a nunnery run by Durant (Vanessa Redgrave makes a cameo appearance) Coker’s been stung by a Triffid but this has no side effects whatsoever. Bill learns just why the Triffids aren’t attacking the nunnery. One has to wonder: if the Triffids are attacking people, why do they leave whole untouched bodies behind?

Coker stays at the nunnery while Bill presses on. He meets Susan and her sister Imogen. They join him as he finally finds his dad Dennis (Brian Cox of ‘The Take’ and ‘Kings’)

Torrence and his idiot henchmen continue being fascist in a London where the underground pumping system and flood barrier are apparently working just fine unattended. Jo runs away into the night with Triffids rampaging, she ends up with Dennis too.

So for a very brief time Dennis, Bill, Jo, Susan and Imogen play house. The Triffids spawn, London falls and it’s increasingly obvious that the Triffids are sentient. Coker shows up again to send word that a refuge has been created on the Isle of Wight. Torrence also shows up to ruin things. But Bill and his magically regenerating MP3 player can save the day. Sort of. Bill’s endless flashbacks to Zaire turn out to have a point. Bad people get theirs and good people head off to the last bastion of humanity in a row boat. This was okay.

Best Line:
We had terrible trouble with the Triffids. They started using the underground tunnels, the sewers. Not very sporting.”
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