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The Nice House On The Lake 2+Buffy The Vampire Slayer 27+Mighty Morphin 8+Power Rangers 8 Reviewed

The Nice House On The Lake Book Two

People are trapped in a nice house by the lake after a mysterious global attack. I missed Issue 1. Who built the house and why? Why are there guns? What happened to the outside world? This was okay.

Best Line:

“I'm PRETTY F**KING SURE this isn't the f**king Irish!”

“I'm not sure okay is the operative word.”

“Why is ANY of this happening?”


Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issue 27

Giles mumbles. Buffy has a crisis. Cordelia helps Kendra. I've no idea what is going on. Giles babbles about Ethan. Where is Morgan? Why is Buffy shunning Faith? Ethan trains Willow. Who was the guy who scared Willow?

Mighty Morphin Issue 8

Tommy deeply resents Matt. Grace and Matt do more hypocritcal stunts. They're outward conduct proves who they are. Matt and Grace are in an indefensible position. The Power Rangers are not beliving a word Matt or Grace utter. Zordon learns Billy is a betraying liar. Matt is a jackass showoff. Zedd plots. This was mmm. Matt has arrogant superiority, lord I hate him.

Best Lines:

“They're never gonna forgive me.”

“Your armor smells like my gym locker, only if someone died in it.”

Power Rangers Issue 8

Zack is heading to the dark side. There is a threat to Earth. There is a reveal. This was good.

Best Lines:

“I would have thought a man like you would appreciate the Hartunian's propensity for subjugation.”

“The Haratunian empire was built on worlds that hadn't even figured out fire yet. I mean, where's the challenge in that?”

“The very people he subjugates came to his defense.”

“Just another failed world alone in the dark.”

“I'm married to a narcissistic maniac. The first thing I learned was how to defend myself.”

“Consumes everything creates nothing.”

“Do you know there was a race that walked this world before you. One that stood where you now stand. They too throught they were..infinite. That they possessed some divine right to existence. Yet they are not even a memory.”

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