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Book Review: Do Better, part 5

Do Better by T.A. Pratt, part 5

Life In Stone

A story of Mr Zealand and baroque complications. Why are we supposed to care about brutal men? This was not good.

Best Lines:

“Lived for untold centuries,”

“The witch hunters began putting whole forests to the torch.”

Ice Murder Safari

Crapsey and Squat have an adventure. This was full of exposition and sub Tarantino dilaogue.

Best Lines:

“Crapsey's sense of morality was derived almost entirely from comic books.”


The Atheist In The Garden

An atheist ends up in the underworld. Pratt really does not like Richard Dawkins as he makes clear in this wretched story.

Best Line:

“Wept piteously.”

The Gift Of The Anthropophagi

Another Bradley Bowman story. Pratt is grimly intent on writing intentionally ugly people. This story was boring.

Ghostreaper, Or, Life After Revenge

Another Elsie Jarrow tale. In this one, she urges a man on to revenge. There are dark but boring consequences.

Best Line:

“The foulness of his imbecilic spawn.”

Happy Old Year

Another Elsie Jarrow tale in which she torments a loser for fun. No.

A Pathway Up And Down

Another Elise Jarrow story. A bored wife and mother meets Elsie in the woods. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“The window for extraordianry experiences.”

“The life you'd haphazardly wandered into was the life you were doing to be stuck with.”

“Magical murder owl.”

Under A Tree

Another Elsie Jarrow story to end the tome. She arranges a Christmas miracle. No, just no.

Best Line:

“You have a really ugly mind.”

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