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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'What If?' trailer


'Limetown' 1x05 promo


'Once Upon A Crime' promo


'American Horror Stories' trailer

Tipper Gore?!??!?

'Biohackers' season 2 promo

Mia's back at college but she's lsot time and there have been changes. There is bombast and recklessness. Jasper lurks. Mia's absolutely horrified.

Best Lines:

“You sabotaged my life's work!”

“I am your life's work!”

Ice tea lemon – mmmm.

X freeze strong mint tic tacs – nice.

Red salsa – nice.

Chilli tortillas – nice.

Sweet tarts mini chewy – nice.

What a grim creature my ex is.

Who saw 'Freejack'?

'Once Upon A Crime' – no.

I thought my ex had inherent decency.

I will review 'Chain Of Gold'.

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Frightening repercussions.”


“Allowable catch.”

“Quota species.”

“Immediate and terrible war.”

“Suspicions and distrust.”

“Unfounded and essentially misconceived.”

“Went far beyond what could be considered in any way reasonable.”

“Irrational and even at times paranoid.”

“Complex personal issues.”

“Did not target and discredit him.”

'Scannal' Quotes:

"They were stopping it.”

“Street disorder.”

“Carry that memory.”

“Gone to new depths.”

“Any civilised street.”

“Communal discord.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Stand up and ask to be included in basic things everyone takes for granted.”

“Fear-based propaganda.”

“Hateful bile.”

“Targeting and discrediting.”

“Created a public image that at once concealed who he was and enabled him to be himself.”

“Extreme conclusion.”

“Malign organisation.”

“History isn't here yet.”

“Cynical stage-managed arc of his entire career.”

“Willing compliance of gushing enablers.”

“Law enforcement-related incidents.”

“Willing stooge.”

“Terrible explanation.”

“Righteous punishment.”

“Much more vocative.”

“Tower imprisonment.”

“Influenced centuries of subsequent writing.”


“Great campsite horrors.”

“Dial-up tech.”

“Intergenerational fan base.”

“Stop typing and go outside and play.”

“Portentous hour,”

“Options are limited.”

“Longstanding concerns.”

“International condemnation and concern.”

“Abhorrent act.”

“Discredits their testimony;”

“Acting out of desperation.”

“Acceptance barriers,”

Another intergalactic conflagration between irritable demigods?”

“Why do you do the fighting poses?”

“Violent instability.”

“Deterimetnal implications.”

“Challenging objective.”


“Abuse-driven chaos.”

“Contrived isolation.”

“Viable exit.”

“Traumatic journey.”

“Persistently perceive.”

“Violent, controlling men.”

“Wreaks homes and communities across generations.”

“To name and act on what is in front of them.”

“Keep control and violence alive.”

“The one you love demands passivity and feels entitled to own you.”

'Once Upon A Crime' Quote:

“Foul motive.”

'Once Upon A Time In Hollywood' Quote:

“His creepy ass.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Content rated false.”

“Don't much want them.”

“Overspent budget.”

'Dr Phil' Quote:

“What I could have been.”

'A Crime To Remember' Quote:

“Quit hindering my life.”

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