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Movie Reviews: The Cleaning Woman + Upgrade

The Cleaning Woman (2018)

A vapid idiot gets an evil cleaning lady. This was unwatchable.

Upgrade (2018)

This was an irrelevant body horror that grew ever drearier. Nasty and malicious types lurk and baffingly foolish decisions are made. There are real and urgent challenges which are ignored. This was so grimy. There is a twist and a downbeat ending. Logan Marshall-Green starred.

Mommy (2014)

A woman has a violent son. This was subtitled. She's trash. A stranger show sup. Finally the thug son is locked up. This was crap.

Best Line:

“No job, no money, no life because of you.”

The Bronze (2015)

Gary Cole features in this tale of a bitter bronze medalist who livers off her former glory. Now she has to train a new medal hopeful. This was hackneyed and full of awful people. This tests the limits of what is humanly tolerable. There is mean spirited volatility. Sebastian Stan and Olga Korbut feature.

Best Lines:

“Suck less.”

“My awesomeness paid for this house!

“That money's long gone!”

“Beat up nostalgia train.”

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