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Supergirl 6x02+Murder At The Cottage 1x05+Limetown 1x03 Reviewed 🐓😵🥴🤮🤢😵🥴🤮🤢

A Few Good Women

Alex and co want to break into the Phantom Zone. Andrea has no concept of libel, slander or decent behaviour. That idiot William is still there. How is Lex's mother out of jail? Otis lurks acting like he has a TBI. Kara meets her father (Jason Behr). Andrea tries to play Lena. Andrea is a terrible person. Lex defends himself in court and discredits Eve in about 3 sentences.

Nia and Brainy bore. Lena is an idiot. Kara is dull and vapid. Lex is acquitted due to the good guys being morons. Aex and co ignore Lena. Who is Kelly? Lena could face charges. I hate Andrea. This was awful.

Best Lines:

“That isn't what makes it terrible.”

“Everything good and right.”

“Good man framed by an evil woman.”

Murder At The Cottage 1x05

Sheridan lickarses Ian Bailey. Sophie's murder is ineradicable. Bailey gives no straight answerts to questions, he can't say where he was when Sophie was murdered. Bailey is volatile. This was fairly unimpressive. Bailey is a complete egomaniac. There is something sinister about him.

A French court holds Bailey to account, which causes him fury. I have zero sympathy for Jules despite her callous mistreatment by Ian Bailey. He brutally treated her and beat her into obedience. A caption at the end of this episode reveals she's finally left him.

Anyone interrogative of Bailey is ignored. This was inertia and a dismal failure. Bailey is totally anathema. Sheridan rants about Martello Towers and the French judical system and how he'd run the EU. Sheridan is affixed to Bailey who is snide about Sophie's family. Bailey screams at chickens. There is a cat, I hope that cat is okay.

Bailey drinks and smokes and screams and raves and looks fat/unwashed/crazy/unkempt on camera. Bailey claims he is a lawyer. Irish witnesses didn't bother to turn up at the French court. How does a gate go missing? We see a hole punched in a wall which Ian Bailey is sitting next to. Inferences can be drawn. Bailey confessed to numerous people which Sheridan handwaves as sarcasm. Bailey yanks a tooth out on camera with a pair of pliers.

Bailey lies and gets rid of a rooster. He takes it to a fair to sell it and injures it ON CAMERA. Nobody reacts or says anything or does anything. The poor rooster. What does he do when there are no cameras around? Bailey talks sexually in a loud carrying voice in public.

The French court finds Bailey guilty of Sophie's murder. He rants that there was no cross examination. That's because he snubbed the court and didn't bother to turn up. Jules sneeringly refers to Sophie. The Irish justice system disgraces itself again and leaves Bailey a free man despite the fact he is a convicted murderer. He is also apparently an anti masker. Will Jules ever tell the truth?

Best Lines:

“Emotionally charged evidence.”

“Beast me.”

“Closed chambers.”

“That woman.”


“That label is not a new one for Bailey.”


The FBI want to speak to Lia. There is creepy breathing. Lia talks to another weirdo. This was so boring. This isn't the show I thought it would be. Why did Lia's uncle live with them?

Best Line:

“Sounds very specific and terrifying.”

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