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Book Review: Do Better, part 3

Do Better by T.A. Pratt, part 3

Sorcerer's Honeymoon

Marla and Death go on their honeymoon. Marla's still not contrite for anything and now she has untold influence and even more defensiveness, hostility and indifference. Oh and she has a dark domain. A man tries to get rid of psychological resentment. Marla says down with that sort of thing. This was dull.

Best Lines:

“They'd make sense thematically.”

“Emotional nothingness.”


“The happiest I would ever be,”

“Relive some nostalgia-soaked memory.”

Mother Of The Bride

This is a terribly written sub-competent story of Marla encountering her dying trailer trash mother.

Best Lines:

“Bitter dismay.”

“Anticipating a future.”

“Life of misery.”

“Lost bewilderment.”

Do Better

Marla encounters demons. This was blah.

Best Line:

“Killing what you perceive to be monsters.”

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