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Prison Break 2x10&2x13 Rewatch + Batwoman 2x11 Reviewed


Linc and LJ are violent thugs. Linc's dad threatens to show up. Sarah is told she has a fax. Mahone tracks Michael. Sucre lurks. Bellick wants T-Bag to give up his secrets, the hard way. Old phones are seen as are pay phones. The fugitive Micheal looks like a male model. Michael treats Mahone like he is a monster. This was okay. Bellick makes a massive mistake.

Best Lines:

“He's had worse things in his mouth.”

“You just crapped out your last bargaining chip pal.”

“I will win every time.”

“A part of you that enjoys this.”

The Killing Box

Paul the scumbag murderer gets a redemption arc after he was made an unperson. The escape was only 8 days ago. Sarah is a moron. Bellick's an inmate in Fox River now. Paul is gross. Mahone is under pressure. Linc and Michael are offered an alliance. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Delivering demoracy to the desert.”

“These things never go down good.”

Arrive Live

Ryan screams and Sophie is useless and Alice bores and Julia is even more useless. Jacob screams. False Face is a homicidal drug lord or something, he was more creepily memorable in the 1960s show. False Face's cheap Halloween mask muffles his voice. He's about as scary as playdough. This was boring. This was an endless disappointment. So Ocean isn't dead? Sophie figures it out, lord she is just the worst.

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