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Movie Review: Fear Street 1994

Fear Street Part 1:`1994 (2021)
The town of Shadyside is so dark and foreboding. It has such a depressing atmosphere. There are uncertainties and deliberation. But this is absolutely awful. This was based on the books by R.L. Stine. ‘Fear Street’ books are seen. The 1st victim is played by Maya Hawk. She dies in a mall massacre. Shadyside is cursed and its history is littered with normal people turning into mass killers.

Deena had her heart broken by Sam. Shadyside’s sister town Sunnyvale is perfect. Deena’s brother Josh has AOL, in 1994. Josh believes all the deaths are tied back to Sarah Fier who was executed as a witch in 1666.

Shadyside is full of outsiders, the poor and the marginalized. Deena has a victim narrative and friends named Kate and Simon. Parents are oddly absent and cops are incompetent. This is the 1st of a violent triptych of shockers. Sarah Fier died centuries prior but her rage lives on.

Sunnyvale is murder stricken. Why do people snap and kill those within close vicinity, motivation unknown? This was hokey. Marco Beltrami does the score. There is witch related mischief and this takes itself super seriously. There are ominous shadows and a lineage of horror.

This does not evoke nostalgia. This was not markedly different from any bog standard ‘Scream’ knockoff. Living in Shadyside is a metaphor for otherness. This was regrettable and just about holding on to its relevance.

The dead walk. There is challenging behaviour. This causes frustration and this happens in Shadyside over and over. There is diminished capacity and responsibility. This was flimsy. Deena’s ex Sam is the worst. There is distress and communication barriers. The witch is punitive. The characters are undisciplined brats with unmet needs. Sense is routinely ignored. There are ongoing violations of logic and there is a really bad picture of the future. Violent thug Sunnyvale footballers cause trouble. There are assumptions and values.

This was not coherent. This was grubby and full of prognostications and mythology. I’m dismissive of this. There are no complexities. This does not beguile. There is no stability or innovation. There is a destabilising witch. This was not entirely fascinating. This was risk averse with no clarity of purpose.

They made their choices. Sunnyvale = the elitist status quo. This was disconnected. One is detached from what is going on. People act shabbily and are snotty and dismissive. These are precarious times. This was not amazing. There is misconduct and one is not enthusiastic. They do drugs and the threat is not terrifyingly vast. This was horrible and not beguiling. There is bad acting. There is no humanity, tenderness or realism. There are no emotional interiors. Deena and Sam have a toxic relationship built on chaos and stalking. There is no cascading darkness. This was awful.

There is anger, despair and troubling times. There is confusion and uncertainty and vulnerability and no joy. Nobody is secure or appreciated. This was harsh. This was not lovely. There is gore and Deena drowns someone. There is no real backstory or explanation.

There are dead friends and mumbling. This was not much admired. This was dreary. There is talk of a Camp Nightwing Massacre.
Things are elusive and unknowable. Untold damage is done. There is no fervour or clear purpose. There is a paucity of scares. There is no widespread public interest. Deena has an impossibly long phone cord. This just ends. Good does not prevail. There are concerns. Times change, evil doesn’t. We have to wait for part 2.

There is no degree of pressure. This was not an apotheosis of achievement. This was ailing and not a lucrative franchise. There is rampant decay for a gritty backdrop. There are derelict sites and tumbledown buildings.

Best Lines:
“Walk fast.”

“The bitch seemed normal.”

“Normal people turn into psychos.”

“People trying to kill us. Weird people.”

“Something babysitters make up to scare kids.”

“Some hotbed for psychos.”

“Something way worse.”

“Never over.”

“She’ll come for you.”

“Tweakers went on a murder spree.”

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