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Book Review: Do Better, part 2

Do Better by T.A. Pratt, part 2

Grander Than The Sea
Marla has to beat the worshipper of a non existent sea god. There are deceits and imbroglios. Marla is cheerfully belligerent and grimly resigned to her job. This was okay.

Best Lines:
“He wants to raise a dark god from the sea and destroy all human life,”

“This must be our zealot.”

“Now, please, be gone.”

“Inimical to human life.”

Little Better Than A Beast
2 threats from the past emerge. They are vexatious and there is entitlement and expectation. Marla rectifies the situation. People are painted as deserving of what they’re going to get. Some people’s personal path to hell is paved with other people’s best intentions. This was okay.

Best Line:
“Apocalyptic nonsense,”

Shark’s Teeth
Set after Marla lost the goodwill of the Felport community. A man makes some trouble on Maui. There is another typo and this was okay.

Best Lines:
“Incontrovertibly evil.”

“Fifty feet long. Fourteen inch teeth. Ate whales. Extinct twelve millions years.”

Snake And Mongoose
Marla treated a magical being vilely. Now he’s back and he is pissed. When did Rondeau get superpowers? Despite Marla being a frankly terrible person, she has managed to get people to pledge their soul, devotion and life to her. This is wasted promise and the failures of its promise. Marla’s many moral failings are on show.

Best Lines:
“Frankly dim-witted.”

“Unhappily compelled.”

“Dangerous lunatic.”

“I hope you die, and soon, in some horrible circumstance, undone by your own arrogance.”
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