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Helix 1x01 Rewatch + The Handmaid's Tale 4x09 Reviewed 🧫🧬🙊🙉🙈🐒


Major Sergio Balleseros (Mark Ghanime) calls in the CDC. He wasn't in the army and if he didn't want the CDC involved – why did he call them? Sergio was hot. Sadly season 2 of this show ruined him. Dr Alan Farragut is shocked to hear his estranged brother Dr Peter Farragut is dying after being infected with a mysterious disease.

Alan and his team: Doreen (Catherine Lemieux), Julia Walker (Alan's ex who boffed Peter) and Sarah (Alan's latest slam piece) head to a high tech Arctic research station run by Dr Hatake. People have malevolent intent. Why is Alan catnip to women? The team are utterly unprepared for what the encounter. This was done to reasonably good effect.

This show felt no obligation to offer the audience a pat conclusion. I always found this show particularly delicious. This show was eerily prescient. A disease is ferocious. Where did it come from? Would there really be an underground base in the Arctic? Dr Hatake's security guard/son Daniel looms. Peter's blood is black.

Why do Daniel and Sergio hate each other from Day 1? There's a hint in this ep of what to frutition in 2x13. A corpse is liquified causing Sarah aka ms tight top perky tits to puke inside her hazmat suit. Daniel denies the base has monkeys. Doreen takes off her hazmat suit. Was anything Sergio said to Doreen true or did TPTB totally retcon his past and motives in season 2?

Where are the other 120 staff when Peter is drooling and lumbering? Did Alan crawl through the black mucus? Who was the guy in the vent? Sarah wears a face visor. Sergio is not a nice man, he finds an ice field full of dead frozen terrified monkeys. Creepy. He had a mini satellite dish. Did he ever tell anyone about the monkeys? Nobody noticed the monkeys on the flight in? Sergio and Hatake plot. Peter drools and looks unwashed. This was good with some iffy vfx. I miss this show.

Best Lines:

“160 year old pump handle.”

“Hard or soft quarantine.”

“No one has seen anything like this.”

“We need to find causation.”

“Mode of transmission.”

“Take apart drains and toilets.”

“Dedicated safe rooms.”

“Ancient viruses in the Greenland ice cores.”

“Eye for the smart ones.”

“Not naturally occuring, at least not in this century.”

“People you and I work for.”


How is June talking to Nick? Why did Nick never request June as a wife? How is June ringing Lawrence? Luke and June want Hannah back. Lawrence is sick of June. The wife turned handmaid tries to rebel. Serena is gifted a mini Commader outfit for her son. Serena worries. Why is Janine scrubbing floors and serving Aunts at table – why not just make her a Martha?

Luke snots. Does Nick have a new wife? Serena and Fred get visitors. Fred lets Serena read and write now. The Putnams were allowed to visit why? Fred and Serena ignore Nicole now. The Putnams offer to raise Serena's son if necessary. Fred gets cigars. The Commanders won't help Fred or Serena.

Nicole is dressed in pink and June wears red for her meeting with Nick in his Commander outfit. No comment. Nick helps June. Hannah is studying domestic arts and cannot be rescued. Nick and June suck face. June still has her handmaid tag in her ear? Fred and Serena plot.

That American government git shows his true face. Fred no longer faces charges and June's testimony is ignored. June gets angry. June screams like a loon. This was okay.

Best Lines:

“Given 2 beautiful children to Gilead.”

“Put Esther's correction on hold.”

“My brothers back home.”

“Gilead could come for our son.”

“Face retribution.”

“They could make me a handmaid.”

“True to God's word.”

“Getting her out is impossible.”

“To dwadle is an affront to god!”

“Rather small and fenced in.”

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