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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Limetown' 1x02 promo

“There are more survivors?”

'Limetown' 1x03 promo


'Motherland Fort Salem' 2x03 promo


'Don't Breathe 2' trailer

Where's Jane Levy? More home invaders. Who's the kid? Murk.

'Jolt' trailer

“Gross old men”

'Loki' promo


'Fear Street: 1984' trailer


Best Lines:

“Normal bitches don't bleed black blood!”

“Witch nerd!”

Bubblegum flavour Drumstick – odd.

Brownie M&Ms – nice.

Gluten free Enrobed orange cookies & cream biscuits – yum.

Gluten free onion rings – nice.

Did work on LJ.

Mark Hamill was in 'Man Down'!

I want a crystal bowtie necklace and yellow gold and rose gold B blossom diamond bangles. I want a Millennia crystal necklace and a gold plated pink leather hairpin and a pink shawl collar dressing gown. I want a Bulgari bracelet with 3 rows of brilliant cut diamonds with claw settings mounted in platinum. I want a pair of cat eye Honeysuckle Flowers sunglasses.

What's suze?

My ex had unreliability. He should have been endlessly grateful. My ex needs to apologise and listen and to have guilt.

'Medical Detectives' Quote:

“Biological retaliation.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Wish you weren't here.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“No semblance or even perception of religious influence.”

“Mass complicity.”

“Scathing terms.”

“Repeating of known public facts.”

“Denialist approach.”

“Long predates.”

“They might not be as clean as the teacher might want them.”

“Would not have always appreciated his point of view.”

“Fake listening.”

“Your tone is carrying no condemnation.”

“Expected behaviour.”

“The bad boys go.”

“Sad cases.”

“Banishing single pregnant women from their communities with no means of support.”

“Despised by her equals.”

“Slighted and shunned by all her former acquaintances.”

“Never forgotten.”

“Embittered by the disgrace she brought on the family, they turned her adrift.”

“Very essential.”


“Blanket vilification.”

“Textual amendments.”

“Distressing for literary pursists.”

“Youths drinking and doing bicycle stunts.”

“Satisfied suburbs.”

“Intergenerational divide.”


“Keeps falling, keeps doing weird things.”

“He acts like a star – bloody show it!”

“Very determined looking.”

“Grim distinction.”

“Street brawl.”

“Professions of solidarity.”

“Evangelical obsession.”

“Rabid intolerance.”

“Emotionalised outrage rituals, moralised defamation and open hatred.”

“Vicious but containable adversary.”

“A nation that often defined its identity against an Other.”

“Even old graveyards are rate,”

“A rare witness to the past.”

“Planted somewhere between the crusades and the Columbus voyage to the new world.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Former tech wonder kid is the king of laziness.”

“Hasn't been to the dentist since 08.”

“No life skills.”

“I don't know anything about Logan's hygine, becuase there's a complete lack of it.”

“Societal grooming habits.”

“Determining factor.”

'American Monster' Quote:

“Big families can have big secrets.”

'Harley Quinn' Quotes:

“I hope you're vaccinated for HPV, because we're going to college!”

“Become the cover.”

“Fun yet bookish.”

“Smoking cloves.”

“Suprisingly easy and delightful stroll across an apocalyptic wasteland.”

“Is it just me or did you hear welding?”

“Peek and speak.”

“I don't do shirts anymore.”

“The 90s miniskirts...chunky flats.”

“Super, super cool.”

“We made a death car!”

'Wellington Paranormal' Quotes:

“Officer fuzzy pants.”

“The scary doll.”

“Scented soaps. Yay.”

“Foul citadel.”

“One of the presents escaped and started attacking us.”

'Dollface' Quotes:

“Terrifying proxmity.”

“Now crawling around in post earthquake mayhem offering handjobs for stale candy bars.”

“Female centric first aid kit.”

“Stories I'm not a part of.”

“The Bread Bowl killing.”

“Grain based grave.”


“All things good.”

'Sliders' Quotes:

“Kuckledraggers with the laser guns.”

“Wind up on 'The Jerry Springer Show'.”

“Never forget what they are: prey.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Storied history of which few need reminding.”

“Achieve vindication.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Gathered outside what they thought was his home shouting abuse.”

“Stone of heaven.”

“Birth safety incidents.”

“Reluctant feeder.”

“Nobody wants to help you.”

“Low harm.”

“No profits on a dead planet.”

“Not accurately portrayed.”

“Showcase law.”

“Vilified on the pages of the Wall Street Journal.”

“Infamous list.”


“Classic deflection technique.”

“Terrible, terrible lie.”

“Enduring impact.”

“Deep harm.”

“Grip and shock much of America.”

“Deemed so incriminating.”

“Multi decade campaign.”

“Heatwaves described as apocalyptic.”

“Hostile hearing.”

'The Gloss Magazine' Quotes:

“Is a French fishing basket too eccentric?”

“Trigger threshold-”

“Exhorting to stop reading and stop writing crime fiction and allow women to exist without raping, maiming and murdering them.”

“Blatantly arranged for the success of others.”

“Can trace its unbroken land ownership and lineage to before the Norman Conquest.”

'Man Down' Quotes:

“You're like a serial killer from an ITV drama.”

“She sleeps with a house brick!”

Mark Hamill makes surprise cameo in Channel 4's Man Down as greasy spoon  owner | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard

The Husbands: The sensational new novel from the New York Times and Reese  Witherspoon Book Club bestselling author - Bookstation

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