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Movie Reviews: The Seventh Day + Tobruk + Brad's Status + Deranged + Prime Time

The Seventh Day (2021)

Guy Pearce and Stephen Lang feature in this exorcism drama. Darkness lives where they least expect it. We see the Pope visit the USA in 1995. A mentally weak priest lurks. People aren't sensible. You're not overly impressed with this. Hollywood has a never ending fixation with exorcisms. Guy is a maverick hard drinking priest. There is mumbling and incongruence and non-adherence to logic. There is a road trip and no civil society. This was ill judged. Nobody is respectful or thoughtful. There are unforseen obstackles and eejits and tormented people. Guy verabally insults people. Nobody is objective or rigorous or thorough. There is excoriation and the indictment is societal. There is inhumanity and people are vilified and repudiated.

There are vulnerable children. It is a challenging, isolating and stressful time. You don't remain engaged or motivated. People are distressed. Are they genuinely committed? This defies rational understanding and is nonsensical. There are no divisive points. This was not painful or upsetting. There is tension and resentment. This was really underlit.

Nothing is unforseen. Men are troubled. There are few women in this movie. There is no public expectation and no forgiveness for getting it wrong. There is forcible removal of demons. There is lasting psychological damage. This was wretched looking and miserable. People are feckless. People are depraved and there are safety concerns. There is retrospective judgment and this was hopelessly inadequate. This was a calamity. This was a muddle. This was not functioning. This was dreadful and the 'twist' is obvious.

Best Lines:

“Colonial America.”

“I don't make these decisions.”

“2 gruelling weeks at exorcist nursery school.”

“Best exorcist there is.”

“One day to convince me you're worth my time.”

“Disgusting city.”

“Make it possible.”

Tobruk (1967)

George Peppard v Rommel's Africa Korps. This is not an accurate account of true events in 1942. There is casual anti-semitism and comedy cockenys and a Nazi mole. This was okay. There is destructive mistrust and war and Rock Hudson.

Best Lines:

“My mother didn't raise any heroes.”

“I don't mind running, but to where?”

“No Geneva Convention for us.”

“Diabolical liberty!”

Brad's Status (2017)

Ben Stiller plays a whiny man who is jealous of his friends (who include Luke Wilson and Micheal Sheen). He thinks his wife has taken away his ambition. He's hurtful and wrong and full of negative rhetoric and is fatalistic. This and he have no purpose. This is not even largely adequate. He thinks his middle class existence is where hope goes to die. He realises his friends aren't his friends anymore as they've all dropped him and become jerks. He's also a would be cheater. FFS. Man pain. No.

Best Lines:

“I love you. Please shut up.”

“Dying in a flophouse.”

“Surrounded by mediocrities and beta males.”

“Some guys have empires. What do I have?”

“Not where I thought I'd be. Not the life I imagined.”

“World was in love with me.”

“So easily satisfied.”

“A white kid from the suburbs. Without a sob story!”

Deranged (2020)

There is bad acting in this film about a teacher/student affair which leads to bad things. There is no creeping horror. This was blithely oblivious to logic and quality. This was frivolous.

Prime Time (2021)

This is a Polish hostage drama full of aggrieved types and exaggerated rhetoric. This was dubbed and scarecely credible. This was bungled. An attention seeking narcissistic eccentric is a sinister figure. This was appalling and full of contrary types.

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