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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'The Mule' promo


'Billy Buys Brooklyn' promo


Best Lines:

“Old New York.”

“Yesterday's junk.”

Who saw 'Splitting Heirs'?

What is Chinese white pepper? What's sweet onion sugar?

My ex utterly disconnected. Is he dying of shame? My ex = inexcusable. My ex betrayed me utterly and treated my shamefully. My ex did heinous wrong with such intention.

Read a major 'The Blacklist' spoiler – I'm done with the show. TPTB must hate the actress who plays Liz.

'Born To Kill?' Quotes:

“Nobody women.”

“Mother hater.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Pop culture, as daft as it is, means a lot to people.”

“Add focus-grouped exposition where your creativity and fond memories once lay.”

“Heavy-breath horror.”

“Nostalgia massacre.”


“Unloved ending.”

“Men who love novels to be doorstops.”

“Just costumes to be filled with cash.”

“Need something surefire.”

“Made nothing else of note in the same time-”

“Passionately bemoaned.”

“A generation raised on films that push violence as the sole means of conflict resolution are not that adept at reasonable debate.”

“Hideous pile-ups of psychosexual horrors.”

“Laoded with peril.”

“Intervenes with dire warnings.”


“Deadening their ancient magic with present concerns.”

“Creepily reliant on footwear as a means of distinguishing different women.”

“Odd cultural ideas.”

“The fate that awaits him.”

“Despairing scrawls.”

“Perturbed by the sadness.”

“Tarnished shame.”

“Wrongly characterised as odd and reclusive.”

“Surpassed all sales expectations.”

“Everyone smiled indulgently.”

“As gloomily welsh a way as possible.”

“The murderously minded husband who reads books about posion at the dinner table opposite his naggy wife.”

“Stoical pride.”

“Shared weight of years,”

“Smash hits at English seaside cinemas on rainy days.”

“A history of things made possible.”

“Delivers meandering monologues while wandering the fields.”

“Grandiose eccentric.”

“Relaxed familarity.”

“Man-cave accoutrements.”

“Rants and rages, curses and denounces.”

“Targets of his ire are not always clear.”

“Either drunk or working it.”

“Performative agonising.”

“Festering wasteland.”

“Stop mistaking confidence for competence.”

“If you saw the words “and I shall certainly tell my friends” in the visistor's book, it was time to run.”

“Old variety tradition.”

“Affectionately insulted.”

“Miserable years.”

“Imaginative escapes.”

“As if he were not responsible for their existence.”

“Company and discourse.”

“Infinite and terrible way of destroying people.”

“Furniture suitably upholstered with whale scrotums.”

“Consistently unfaithful.”

“Watching TV and weeping as she listened to her old recordings.”

“Never approved of what she does.”

“Wit-sharpening challenge.”

“Creative intent.”

“Dark Shakespearean machinations.”

“Nebulous role.”

“To placate and enable.”

“Ideas of what is funny have changed radically.”

“Well off and accomplished.”

“Pop music paraded as art.”

“Embittered corner of the internet.”

“Venerable treatment.”

“No ball show!”


“Throw straight armed.”

“Rolling balls to each other across the full length of a court.”

“Complete and utter nightmare.”

“I'm dead hard, me.”

“Fanboy prose.”

“Tedious social media tone of voice, all sweary and macho.”

“Hostility builds.”

“Failure to safeguard life.”

“Frog fame.”


“Family unit.”


“Only serve to antagonise.”

“Nothing for former.”

“Fine-proofed from objection.”

“Powderkeg atmosphere.”

“Stories of bad behaviour keep emerging, all of which he denies.”

“Laid waste.”

“Getting all hooliganistic.”

“Aggressively challenged.”

'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives' Quotes:

“Shred off meat.”

“2 sandwiches is not normal.”

'Sky News' Quote:

“Very small life.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“I'm not a Ted Bundy.”

“You don't have a very credible story.”

“Victim story.”

“Visited upon himself.”

“Serious self examination.”

“I've never been physically abusive to you or the dog.”

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