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Black Summer 2x08 + Batwoman 2x10 Reviewed 👎👎

The Plane

There is emotional disquiet in this pretty flimsy finale to season 2. Will there be a season 3? This was full of inessential convolution. This was a tedious waste. The weirdo ends up dead and zombified. There are runinous amounts of exposition, desperate ham and simmering resentment. This was horribly overwrought. Zombies have warped Anna and Rose's compassion.

People are always on the edge of concern. Zombies have monstrous bites. This tries for interpersonal drama. This was not done to reasonably good effect. This blunderfest is deeply unconvincing. Gowks all round. There is no powerful sense of urgency, just socially debasing crap. This does not seem plausible. This was a travesty.

There is no powerful solemnity. Anna and Rose are tetchy. Compassion = death in this show. There is wilful ignorance. Rose and Anna started trouble and a gunfight. They have horrible characteristics. Anna and Rose are incapable of examining their own lives. Rescue is devastatingly hindered by stupidity. Rose = abhorrent. There are stupid fumblings.

This was superficial and there is collective stress. There is no rationality or empathy. People are increasingly distrusted. This causes meagre interest. People are violent and there is no resolute dignity. Nobody is selfless. This was intolerable. Nobody is ethical. People are irresponsible and reckless fools.

This was turbulent. There is blatant disregard. The plane takes off. Where does it come from? Where is it going? Where does it get fuel? Rose is left behind, Anna doesn't get on the plane – so the entire season has been for nothing. There is ruinous despair. There is contempt. This was disorderly with a total absence of logic. Nobody has integrity. This was a difficult situation. This was absolutely farcical.

New people show up. This was weak and ineffective. This was unconvincing. Sun got on the plane. There is anxiety. The plane couldn't be the plane dropping parachutes. Are they going to Zona?

Best Lines:

“Let him turn, slow down anyone else who shows up.”

“Watch your f**king mouth.”

“Why don't you make me?”

“What's been gained by any of it?”

Time Off For Good Behaviour

Dougray Scott is leaving? And TPTB are getting rid of the recast Kate? Oh piss off. Jacob gets high. Aquaman is mentioned. Sophie and Julia bore. Alice's sad desperation comes through loud and clear. People talk about a prison conspiracy. Roman plays Jacob so obviously, it is amazing Jacob falls for it. Is Mary ever at med school? Yawn.

Best Lines:

“Said no suspicious dude ever.”

“No matter how much we both love Kate, she always chose someone else.”

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