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Six Degrees Eps 2 to 5 Reviewed

What Are The Odds

The gun from the crime Damian committed ends up with a guy who Carlos has to defend. Carlos it’ll be easy until the charge is upped to attempted murder. Also the client has an attitude from hell. Mae deals with the bratty Eliza. Damian has a gambling problem. Laura annoys. Steven has a shrew wife. Damian has a girlfriend Regina (Zoë Saldana of ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Avatar’) who bores. Carlos and Damian brood about their pasts. This was dully awful. Sure the stories interlock, but unlike ‘Lost’ this show is dull. Playing Flip The Kipper would be more interesting than this.

A New Light

Whitney (Bridget Moynahan) wears a horrible pink outfit. Her cheating fiancé Roy (Jonathan Cake of ‘Chuck’) continues to be sleazy and hits on Laura. As if the Roy issue wasn’t bad enough Laura gets a videotape concerning her late husband. Mae (Erika Christensen of ‘Swimfan’) looks for her mother.

Carlos tries to help his ungrateful client who screams, yells and has a truly winning personality. Steven gets a date. The whole subplot about Laura’s dead husband peters out. This was dull.

The Puncher

A guy runs around NY punching people. Steven deals with his shrew wife. Whitney gets her wedding dress fitted, it looks like the wedding dress Cheryl Cole had. Carlos/Mae and Damian/Regina double date. Mae lies. Laura tries to tell Whitney about Roy, Whitney’s a bitch. Roy gets punched and this leads to Whitney learning Roy is a dirty, rotten cheater. This was dull. It’s a dull version of ‘Melrose Place’.


It’s Halloween. Mae’s brother Eric shows up. Carlos learns about Mae’s past and how she is wanted for questioning in connection to a murder. Mae is thankless to Carlos and Eric. It seems Mae dated a violent methhead/dealer and Eric killed someone to get her away from him. But that still doesn’t answer the question of: what’s in the box?

Everyone’s obsessed with Halloween and their costumes. Steven accidentally gets high; he and Anya (Shiri Appleby of ‘Roswell’ and ‘Swimfan’) fight and make up. Whitney’s a selfish drama queen and Mae turns Eric in to the FBI. This was dull.
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