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Movie Reviews: Starred Up + Murder By The Coast + Wrong Turn (2021)

Starred Up (2013)

Rupert Friend, Jack O'Connell and Ben Mendelsohn star in this prison drama. People face horrible circumstances. There is no tension just completely inexcusable actions. Cumulatively this is difficult to watch. People are sickening and horrible and do discordant things. This wants credibility. A prisoner transfers from a young offenders prison to an adult prison due to ongoing violence and lack of remorse, he's wholly ill-suited to his sitch.

This was not plausible. There are bizzare accents and a broader ideological agenda. There are abnormal beliefs, anxiety, contested truths, suspicion and this plays like an enfeebled parody. His default ambition is a violent chav. One's aghast at his pathetic agitated antics. Fears and anger is engendered. He's a foe who wants general fearfulness.

There are contested narratives and no accepted limits and no deference and obvious worries. This film has an ethos. People are still possessed by ways of thinking that have their roots in the 19th centruy. This was completely unacceptable. The chav meets no basic obligations. But at times he is supplicant at the mercy of someone else's benevolence.

Judgment is bestowed. There is infantilising. The chav is the son of another inmate. There are infantilising attiudes and distortions of reality. He's ambivalent and hostile. Severe limits are set and disastrous choices are made. There is a naked shower fight. There are dastardly types and reprisals.

The chav thinks he is morally entitled to do what he likes. This was truly appalling and where is his reckoning? There are maddened men with frightfulness. There are outrages and vengeance deliberately wreaked. There is anarchy and considerable intolerable acts. There is slap fight and sporadic, unpredictable, dismal violence.

The chav sparks a riot. In a pressurised place he has a negative impact. There is desperation and no vulnerability and chronic stupidity. There are ambushes and awfulness and this continues to deteriorate.

Best Lines:

“Some serious geezers.”

“Walking away as usual.”

Murder By The Coast (2021)

This was a vacuous, ill thought out and badly dubbed Spanish documentary. This aggravates. The murder of a teen girl has a disproportionately negative effect on a suspect, who does herself no favours by making endless bulldog chewing a wasp faces and yelling about how hard it all has been for her. A girl went missing, the media was involved to a worrying extent. This was 1999.

Darker characters lurk. The girl's body is found and she is only bones. There are grave concerns. There is a climate of hostility and deliberate targeting. There is intensified criticism and an arrest of an unlikeable woman. There is violent social dissent and palpable dislike of the supect. Mobs scream abuse at her. Shining hope is gone.

Life goes on a troubled trajectory. There is pent up anger. The victim Rocio is almost an afterthought. There are unanswered questions and a guilty verdict and then comes the twist. The police case turns out to have been deficient when another teen girl is murdered and another suspect is located. There is a 'Crimewatch' mention. The true malicious killer has no regret. The unlikeable wronglly accused goes free but never gets an apology or compensation, her shouty angry press conferences do her no favours. She isn't likeable at all. This documentary is on her side and she still comes across as really awful. There was risk and harm and people detrimentally affected by a serial offender who police ignored. This was not good.

Best Lines:

“Pervasive sadness.”

“Speak so shamelessly.”

“Very hard.”

“Didn't come across well. She wasn't nice. She wasn't likeable.”

“Under judicial seal.”

“Social panic.”

“Brutal memory.”

“Of low importance.”

“Penal process.”

“I'm still asking for someone to apologise.”

Wrong Turn (2021)

Matthew Modine stars in this reboot. He looks for his missing daughter. This makes little narrative sense. He is warned off by local hicks. Adam a dudebro hipster causes issues. This was so earnest and hilariously awful. The idiots hike off trail and walk into traps. Adam left his girlfriend to die not once but twice. Adam yells at a kid and causes trouble. Adam causes all of this! Adam is detestable. Adam's violence makes things worse and he gets his, finally. The local creepy cult loom. A helpful guide does not last 5 minutes. The real final girl emerges.

Best Lines:

“Didn't sense much urgency.”

“No one will ever come.”

“The land here can be unforgiving.”

“We don't bother them and they don't bother us.”

“They don't come back: alive or dead.”

“It happened before.”

“That chain goes somewhere!”

“Some redneck judge.”

“Clearly not good people.”

“I'll have strong healthy children.”

“Feared the collapse of America.”

"Inbred cannibals."

“The really friendly looking one with his skull mask?!?”

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