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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Kindred' promo


'Fast & Furious 9' tv spot


'Fair City' promo

Will looks like a nutter.

'Only Murders In The Building' promo

Martin Short.

'Suicide Squad' trailer

Project Starsfish.

'Candyman' trailer


'Murder By The Coast' Trailer

A trashy woman. A dead child. Bad dubbing.

Nihil obstat.

Meredith Salenger and Patton Oswalt are married?!?

Stephen Amell is a creep.

My ex chose to behave as he did.

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Breaking their oath.”

“Impressive number of microphones.”

“Acted in bad faith.”

“Declined to engage in any discussion.”

“Employees under him.”

“His undoing.”

'Rick And Morty' Quotes:

I have glimpsed into the mind of eternity, perhaps the mind of god.”

“Time god.”

“Strange horny ocean man.”

“The Dark Child shall return.”

“Temple to a lie.”

'Harley Quinn' Quotes:

“5 new question based villains.”

“Civitas non grata.”

“When Gotham had refrigeration and trade with the rest of America.”

“The best part of living in an apocalyptic wasteland.”

“Like Nam after the US pulled out.”

“Army of goons.”

“Don't make that face at me.”

“I identify as a hench.”

“I want to teach you love.”

“Chaos fills the streets.”

“Goon rebellion.”

“Goons fell back in line.”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Public slating.”

“Tactless criticism.”

“Actively tried to avoid her.”


“Constantly roaring and shouting.”

“Notably overused.”

“Decontextualised, misrepresented.”

“Well-justified questions.”

“Have not helped anyone, including themselves.”

“Deeply traumatic events.”

“Brutal ousting.”

“Brief and ill-starred.”

“His ascent was preordained.”

“Enviable persistence.”

“Big things from my childhood mean nothing.”


“Studied finesse.”

“Posthumous power.”

“Being graciously granted what is already ours.”

“Now lost to memory.”

“Ceding ground.”

“Compounding powers.”

“Devils Berries.”

“Suspicion of all kinds of expertise.”

“Lifelong conflict.”

“Unexpected rages.”

“Resentment and exasperation.”

“Perpetual, intense and negative.”

“Celebrated and danctified.”

“Public anger was palpable,”

“Ideological attack.”


“Aren't convinced by her tale.”

“Creepy cult.”

Desperate steps.”

“Tests public patience.”

“Coveted endorsement.”

“Unworthy of public office.”

'Women Behind Bars' Quotes:

“He never came back, ever.”

“He just left us.”

“Ski condo in Utah.”

“Considered by people close to him to be quite decent.”

“To control the anger episodes.”

“The shotgun incident.”

“Talk of the beauty parlours.”

“She doesn't deserve any mercy.”

“Maniac rage.”

“Unable to think as we know thinking.”


'Bird Girl' Quotes:

“Screaming for attention.”

“Bad emotions.”

“Mind take.”

“Gap in your soul.”

“Dad sort of sucked as a dad.”

“So very adequate.”

“Man eating toilet.”

'Fatal Vows' Quotes:


“Things get worse. Much worse.”

“Terribly troubled.”

“Live a wild lifestyle.”

“Increasingly critical.”

“Trapped by his new family.”

'Dr Phil' Quotes:

“Massage witness.”

“Massage code of ethics.”

“Social disorder.”

“Ethics traning.”

“Disrobe to your level of comfort.”

“Deception consulting.”

“Blink rate.”

“Deception markers.”

'Brave' Quotes:

“Being in the wrong life.”

“Silence convered all intransigence.”

“Pervasive requirements of feminine civility.”

'Murder She Wrote' Quotes:

“You'll blow out your pacemaker.”

“If he kept his zipper up more often he wouldn't have so much to deny.”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Never be forgiven for that.”

“Perpetual grievance.”

'Dollface' Quotes:

“Sad girl who doesn't wash her hair.”

“Destructive cycle of conflict.”

“Slutty and young.”

“Any chance this is endearing?”


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