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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Young Royals' trailer

Swedish. Subtitled. No.

'A Classic Horror Story' trailer

Italian. Subtitled. Weird.

'Pig' trailer

Nic Cage. A pig. Don't come between Cage and his truffle pig!

'Til Death' trailer

A woman has a useless hubby and a problem.

Sliced gherkins – yum.

Fat free vanilla yogurt – okay.

I thought my ex would always look after me. Does my ex feel regret at his choice?

Oderint dum metuant.

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Polite frankness.”

“In utter disaray.”

"By who else?”

“Former aide turned enemy.”

“Telling rambling stories.”

“Forward to victory.”

“Exhaustive blog post.”

“Privately frustrated.”

“Freedoms are still with-held.”

“Shockingly unprepared.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

Expletive filled terms.”

“Personal animosity.”

“Asked about his own competence.”

“Hardly won a popularity contest.”

“What knowledge does he still guard?”

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Unorthodox methods their coaches used to motivate them.”


“Administer a kicking,”

“Unforgivable slowness.”

“Individuals of exceptional character.”

“Most feared man on campus.”

“Erected a statue to remind future generations.”

“Failed to act on warnings.”

“Plenty of alumni are unwilling to accept the college's most beloved coach could have known and did nothing.”

“He knew everything. Always.”

“Quasi-religious experience.”

“Makes criticism of messianic coaches something akin to blasphemy.”

“Instantly attacking the credibility.”

“His career could be ended.”

“Lived in constant fear of losing access to education.”

“A rhetorical display of allyship,”

Expect few courtesies.”

“Dishonesty offences.”

“Given up their ordinariness, their lives, for a place in history.”

“A victim recognised him in the streets.”

“Expressed unhappiness.”

“Obstructed, evaded and delayed.”

“Tragedy of historic proportions.”

“Negatively affected the morale.”

“Feels excluded.”

“Those they deemed criminals,”

“Hegemonic behaviour.”

“Increasingly fraught.”

“Fighting obsolescence.”

“Only inhabited outpost orbiting Earth.”

“Barely-concealed disdain.”

“Folksy references.”

“Threatening epochal change.”

“In deadly earnest.”

“Violent disorder.”

“Looked disconsolately.”

“Fairly fractious.”

“Incurious and unadventurous.”

“Incurious and unadventurous.”

“Ramunctious urchin.”

'Killer Siblings' Quotes:

“Something nefarious? Certainly.”

“Some challenges emotionally.”

“The mowing business.”

“Yeah that's believable.”

“Claiming he's in medical distress.”

“Burn pit.”

“The villain to his family.”

'Man Down' Quotes:

“Horrible boy.”

“Make me some dinner or I'll kill you.”

“No one would like it!”

'Breeders' Quote:

“Baa baa f**king dead sheep!”

'RTE News' Quotes:

“Clarity of progress.”

“Rising sense of impatience.”

“Social code offences.”

“Suprise and concern.”

“Disease threat.”

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