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Six Degrees (2006) Ep 1 Review


Six strangers cross paths in New York. Carlos the public defender meets Mae the drunken exhibitionist in the local lock up. Whitney the business woman meets Laura the ugly widower. Damian is a chauffer and gambler who meets Carlos as he tries to get into a cool club. Steven the loser, former photographer and alcho insults Whitney and spies on Laura.

Mae is a fugitive of some sorts but not a very good one. She dyes her hair, changes her name and gets a job as nanny to Laura’s daughter Eliza after her arrest. But if even a low on the totem pole guy like Carlos can find out her identity’s fake, well Mae is no Richard Kimble. She does have a mysterious box though.

Whitney suspects her boyfriend is cheating. He convinces her he isn’t but he is. Steven is rude to everyone. Carlos despite his law degree stalks Mae and doesn’t see anything wrong in that.

Laura’s husband David was a reporter who died in Iraq. Whitney despite befriending Laura ignores Laura’s pain to obsess about her own life. Damian gets involved in a gun fight. Carlos and Mae meet again on the subway.

This was okay. It reminds me of the show ‘Reunion’, though the characters on that show were more interesting.

Best Lines:
“Mom says Britney’s the devil and that Keith Richards is god.”

“My advice? Don’t look for dates in the holding tank.”

“No one is a stranger for long.”

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