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Movie Reviews: Pokemon Detective Pikachu + I, Daniel Blake + Rabid (2019) + The Devil Below 👎👎👎👎

Pokemon Detective Pikachu (2019)

This was awful and appallingly written. This was poor and an unremitting grind and it was interminable drivel.

I, Daniel Blake (2016)

People on benefits whine. This was infuriating and terrible, terrible. People are cruel and contrary and people are unhelpful.

Rabid (2019)

A remake. Laura Vandervoort stars as Rose a loser who is in a terrible accident. This was mundane in the extreme. She gets treatment and acts weird. There is rabies and a bleak ending and this was unwatchable.

Best Lines:

“You're either the food or the thing eating the food.”

“So weird and sad.”

“Super protein.”


The Devil Below (2021)

Will Patton features. People have conflicting devotions and no tensions in this inept 'horror'. What year is this set in? This was not meatier or substantive. Incorrect assumptions are made. Facts are attributed. This has no credibility and is horrendous.

This 'horror' about a mine fire and weirdness is a missed opportunity. A vanished town is attributed to a coal fire. There are negative effects. People talk about science v myth. This was unnecessary and not an incredibly distressing situation. People are natural victims. This was not sufficient. People are awful and this impacts negatively. A woman acts in a deliberately distancing way.

There is no friendly engagement. People vigorously assert views. There are unresolved issues and an ill-defined plot. There is attrition and a lack of clarity. This seems dubbed in places. Notes of caution are ignored. This was not overly ambitious. This was not genuinely disturbing. This was shadow drenched and there is no atmosphere of fear.

There is vagueness and this was terrible. There is incitement, egocentrism and paranoia. There is irreversible and self-amplifying change. You can see the cable pulling a man into a mine shaft! There are murky underground scenes. There is an increasingly angry dispute. There is night vision and no reflecting on the situation. There is no deep unease. People are scathing. People have plights and they are not totally and utterly desperate.

Best Lines:

“Why put up an active electric fence in the middle of nowhere?”

“Well to hell.”

“Dug 8 miles straight down.”

“Screams of the damned.”

“Discarding science.”

“15 billion years ago.”

“Scared em good.”

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