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Trailers, Quotes & Stuff

'Black Widow' clip

I've no idea what is going on. Are they other black widows?

'The Boy Behind The Door' trailer


'Nine Perfect Strangers' trailer


'Nobody' tv spot


Best Line:

“Give me the kitty cat braclet!”

'Hollyoaks' promo


'The Comeback Trail' promo


'The Devil Below' promo


'BirdGirl' promo

I feel tired just watching this.

'Black Summer' season 2 trailer

Zombies. Misery. Mumbling. A snow mobile. An axe. Light. A plane?!?

'Batwoman' 2x17 promo
I miss the real Kate.

Mint Aero – nice.

Caramel Aero – nice.

Has my ex no regrets? I thought he was a rock of dependability. My ex did the most bitter wrong. He made a stone of his heart. My ex is a distant, despised memory. My ex consistenly ignores me.

I'll review 'Black Summer' season 2 and possibly 'Outer Banks' season 2.

I don't like 'Ballers'.

In absentia lucis, tenebrae vincunt.

I want nine charm multidrop earrings. I want a Royal Oak self winding watch in white gold with sapphire. I want a sea master aqua terra 150cm co-axia master chronometer watch in steel and sedna gold. I want a lucea watch in white gold with diamonds and blue aventurine.

Henry and Catherine from 'The Spanish Princess' are together in real life.

'With All Of My Children: Reunion Road Trip' Quotes:

“Rich girls wreaking havoc and bad boys with chisled pecs.”

“Made a lot of bad decisions.”

“Shirtless scenes.”

“My soapy.”

“Inspirational icon!”

“Mean girl of Pine Valley.”

“Multigenerational impact.”

“Stop at nothing to ruin someone else's happiness.”

“Completely shameless.”

“I'm not going to accept this you filthy beast!”

“Fought off a bear.”

“Knocked off like 80 pushups.”

“Doctor talk.”

“Soap diseases.”

“Evil doctor David.”

“Romping in the sheets.”

“Went off a cliff in my wedding gown.”

“Stay away from us! And the door!”

'Great British Railway Journeys' Quotes:

“Enemy powers.”

“Facism's appetite for conquest was insatiable.”


“Episode of shame.”

“Day of deliverance will be at hand.”

“Shock action capability.”

“Street fighter variant.”

“Thunder unit.”


“Cloth cap Britian.”

'Channel 4 News' Quotes:

“Only fit for the bin.”

“Deployed his baby.”

“Wretched pandemic.”

“Damning warning.”

“Highly distressing scenes.”

“Territorial integrity.”

“Future of human society depends on it.”

“Screamingly obvious.”

'Reign' Quotes:

“Spectre of Mary Stuart hovers over me like an axe.”

“I am your queen.”

“Not for long.”

“Mistake you'll never recover from.”

“Damned us all.”

“Trust is given but loyalty is earned.”

“Never let him benefit from your death.”

“My enemies are going to gossip and lie about me.”

“Please be decent.”

“Now you talk of decency?”

“Lose her throne in disgrace."

'The Irish Times' Quotes:

“Chivalrous, selfless.”

“Response requested.”

“Password refusal.”

“Serious implications as to my own reputation.”

“Prompted for approval.”

“Hostile tweets.”

“Notorious reputations.”

“Absolute conviction.”

“Detached and hostile.”

“Interpretation of the cosmos.”

“Technocratic caste.”

“But never heroic.”

“Sometimes doomed, rarely uninteresting.”

“Eradicated Prussia from the European map. To this day, Prussia is the only country ever to be erased after a war.”


“National reckoning.”

“Traumatic experience.”

“Evil is a state anyone can enter.”

“Choked with hate.”

“Frightening words.”

“Fill me with fear.”

“Vacant look.”

“Slightly mundane.”

“Sheer sense of despair.”

“Eminent wisdom.”

“My hands are trembling like my old dear's do when I go to her gaff and hide all the corkscrews for a laugh.”

“Existential warning.”

“Intrusive questioning.”

“Certain and unmovable.”

“Legacy it left for a 100 years after.”

“Resenting this decision.”

“Lunatic stuff that food critics like.”

“No-choice menu.”

“Doing their zombie thing.”

“Neighbourhood being taken over.”

“Everybody is beholden to.”

“Totally hated.”

“Within easy vomiting distance.”

“Licentious display.”

“Grimmer corners.”

“Sinister urban mischievousness.”

“Only relevant to internet subcultures.”

“Mercilessly acquisitive societal system.”

“Ominious admonition.”

“Strong strains of unhappiness.”

“Engaged in public condemnation.”

“Prejudgment is already manifest.”

'An Unexpected Killer' Quotes:

“Loving sense of purpose.”

“Made threats, internally in the house.”

“Smarting back.”

“So anti-social in his approach to life.”

“Crazed killer.”

“Uproar in the community.”

“Grim account of a seemingly psychotic attack.”

“Tension in the house.”

“Willingness to be tolerant.”

“Talk spreads.”

“Known as the bad kid in the family.”

“Keep them away from the wrong crowd.”

“Holding rage inside.”

“Confinement facility.”

“Alerted to the activity.”

“Played the victim card.”

'People Magazine Investigates' Quote:


'Football's Gambling Addiction' Quote:

“In serious breach of its social responsibility code.”

'RTE News' Quote:

“Agenda points.”

'BBC News' Quotes:

“Not allowed in on it anymore.”

“Sneering disappointment.”

“Murderous nemesis.”

“You look like Gwyneth Paltrow on food stamps...and not in a good way.”

“Paid for services.”

“Brilliantly edgy.”

“Brutally judgemental.”

“Overplayed reactions.”

“Completely ignored.”

“Youthful dreams.”

'The Sunday Times' Quotes:

“Horrific thought.”

“Numbness of grief.”


“Rising tide of anger.”

“Extremely fraught and tricky time.”

“Felt they had to justify working for him.”

“Intense vulnerability and stress.”


“Triggering fury.”

“”We can't have a letterbox in our door anymore,” he says, because excrement was repeatedly pushed through.”

“In some distress.”

“Go to the phone box and stand in a puddle of tramp urine.”

“Culturally significant.”

“Claiming abusive treatment.”

“A victim of her own mishaps.”

“The terrible decisions,”

“Utter mortification.”

“Destructive behaviour is normalised;”

“Grotesque horror.”

“Awful chaos.”

“Deeply unsavoury.”

“Horribly, tragically true.”

“Moral questions.”

“Very concerned former leader.”

“Not appreciative of her efforts.”

“Many failings.”

“Conflicted nemesis.”

“Languorous dread.”

“The history we have at any one moment is the history we can.”

“Ugly and irrelevant.”

“Landscapes dotted with ruins.”

“Ludicrous beliefs.”

“Imposing temporal order.”

“Designed to last for 50 centuries.”

“Poignant tribute.”

“The case and its long afterlife.”

“Vaguely deranged ambience.”

“Strenuously debated.”


“Nothing relevant.”

“Despises everyone in her world.”

“Medicalisation of daily life.”

“Perilous juncture.”

“Overtly malingering.”

“Cycle of disability.”

“Societal experience.”

“Caused consternation.”

“Compromised its credibility.”

“Behaved abominably.”

“Tedious platitude.”

“Appetite for repentance.”

“Pretentious piety.”

“End civilisation as they knew it-”

“Fascistic atmosphere.”

“Sad demise.”


“Real-life affection isn't on tap.”

'It Takes A Killer' Quote:

“Voice hearing crazy man.”

'Business Post Magazine' Quotes:

“Spent his life in retreat from domestic responsibilities.”

“Connissuer of isolation.”

“Self-contained existence on the fringes of other people's lives.”

“Exists in the backdrop of many lives, however, nobody will truly miss her.”

“Relationships are often projected ones.”

“Imagines a shared bond.”

“Desire to be alone and its emotional connection.”

“Beacon of hope.”

“Gripping premise,”

“A more exciting life he once lived.”

All My Children (1970)CAT FIGHT - Greenlee, Kendall over Ryan | Amc, Soap news, CatfightEva LaRue and All My Children cast remember John Callahan | EW.com

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