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Quotes of the Day

Modern Family’ Quote:

Manny just stares at me.”
“Maybe if you wore a bra.”

Poirot: Appointment With Death’ Quote:

You can stare at me significantly as long as you like.”

James Bond’ Quotes:

“Names is for tombstones, baby!”

“See that some harm comes to him.”

“You defy all my attempts to plan an amusing death for you.”

“Nobody saw you come in, so nobody has to see you go out.”

“Choose your next witticism carefully Mr Bond. It may be your last.”

“No one takes the time to give a really sinister interrogation anymore.”

“I’m Plenty.”
“But of course you are.”

The Doctor’s Case’ Quote:

You may be my father and the author of my existence, but you are also the lowest creature to crawl upon the face of the earth since the serpent tempted Eve in the garden.”

Darker Angels’ Quotes:

No cultist driven death mobiles pursued us.”

“I don’t believe any woman with necklines that low quotes Aquinas without a motive.”

“Women who looked like they could chew through two-by-fours on the strength of rage alone.”

‘Under the Dome’ Quote:

If the equivalent of an invisible stone wall suddenly goes up around an entire town, there is bound to be trouble.”

‘Gilmore Girls’ Quote:

“Gran and her husband had the same great grandfather.”
“Try not to think about it.”

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